5 Rustic Interior Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

January 30, 2020

Even if you have some idea of how you want your custom home to look, figuring out all of the details can be overwhelming. Usually, sticking with an overall design theme can help you create a cohesive look and feel throughout your home. Looking into different styles can help you figure out what you do and don’t like. Here is some information about rustic design and a few rustic interior design ideas to help you determine if this is the interior design style for you:

What is Rustic Interior Design?

Rustic interior design is all about rugged, natural beauty. It focuses on using natural elements, textures inspired by nature, and earthy colors to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a sense of simplicity and ease. Wood, stone, burlap, canvas, wicker, rattan, and more are common materials in rustic interior style.

Although finished materials help create the clean look and clean lines common to contemporary rustic design, it’s also common to use raw, unfinished materials. Rustic interior design often overlaps with farmhouse decor, coastal decor, and many other design styles as many elements common to them are also considered rustic. At the same time, you can take almost any interior design style and add rustic elements to create a rustic version of that style.

5 Rustic Interior Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

If rustic interior design seems like it could be the style for you, here are a few rustic interior design ideas for your custom home to inspire you:

1. Incorporate Natural Wood and Stone

Natural wood and stone are popular and versatile materials that can help you get a rustic look and feel in your custom home. There are a ton of ways to incorporate natural wood and stone into your custom home.

Wood can easily be used on the walls, as an accent wall, on the floor, and even on the ceiling. You can also leave wood beams exposed for a rustic look. Exposed beams on the ceiling and whitewashed walls are a popular combination in rustic interior style. This is also a bathroom ceiling idea provided you protect the wood or use a moisture-resistant material manufactured to look like wood.

Stone is a great material for an accent wall in a room, for a fireplace, or for areas around other fireplace options like a wood-burning stove. Creating a space near the fireplace to store raw logs provides convenient storage and access while also adding another element of rustic decor.

Both of these materials can be integrated into your decor through furniture and other accents. A reclaimed barn door is a classic element of farmhouse style and it’s a great fit for rustic style as well. Wood or stone tabletops, side tables, lamps, and more are all great ways to incorporate some of these natural materials into your decor.

2. Focus on Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics like burlap and canvas are quintessential rustic style. These fabrics can be used on furniture, as table coverings, as window treatments, and more. You can also go with smaller touches by layering these fabrics as table runners, placemats, accents for other decor pieces, and using them as decorative throw pillow covers. Woven baskets, rugs, or placemats are another way to use natural textiles and add a rustic touch to a room.

3. Go With Handmade Furniture

Another one of the rustic interior design ideas is to choose handmade furniture or furniture that looks handmade. These furniture pieces are usually oversized and comfortable with an emphasis on letting the natural materials stand out.

They are often simple in both shape and design. And, because the emphasis is on a sense of ease, simplicity, and coziness, this type of furniture can overlap both with craftsman style and hygge. This makes furniture with a handmade touch one of the ways to create a cozy hygge room in addition to adding a touch of rustic style.

4. Work From an Earthy Color Palette

Because rustic interior style is so focused on natural elements, it also tends to center around a color palette that features earthy, neutral tones. Pops of bold color are welcome. But, when bolder colors do show up, they are usually in warm tones of greens, browns, grays, and other earthy colors. Dark reds and jewel tones have also been included as accent colors in some cases.

5. Use Cozy Lighting

There are plenty of lighting choices available for your custom home. Since rustic interior design is about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, choosing the right lighting can help make the difference between a cold, unwelcoming room and a warm, inviting one. Accent lights with yellow lighting can help you create a warm atmosphere and add even more coziness and depth to a room.

These are just a few rustic interior design ideas to inspire you. Whether you’re a fan of farmhouse, coastal, or another design style, incorporating a touch of rustic style could be the perfect combination for you.

If you can’t make your house feel like home no matter how much redecorating or remodeling you do, it may be time to consider a custom home that is built to your needs and specifications. If you’re ready to move on and bring your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!