Smart Home Technology for Your Bedroom

February 23, 2018

Smart home technology has become an ever-present addition to our living spaces. It can provide an enhanced experience for everyday tasks, after all! The bedroom is a great place to start making smart home technology additions, and there are a plethora of options available. Let’s take a look at a list of some of the greatest smart home technology for your bedroom on the market today:

1. Google Home

Google Home docks provide a number of incredible assets to your bedroom. For example, being able to verbally set an alarm clock each morning! This is a marked improvement for those of us that still use clock radios and need to fumble with the buttons every morning. You can also check the weather and other news, starting off your day prepared before you even hit the shower. Google Home docks are invaluable in maximizing your morning routine.

2. Fitbit

Fitbits aren’t just for exercise, although they can really come in handy for tracking morning calisthenics. Fitbit devices also serve as sleep health indicators. By monitoring sleep patterns, a Fitbit can assess which stages of sleep you reach and remain in. So, if you wake up feeling groggy, your Fitbit might be able to tell you why.

3. Smartphone-Linked Light Switches

Smartphone apps, paired with specific hardware, can enable remote activation for ease of use. Smartphone users are especially fond of linkable light switches. Being able to turn on your bedroom light before hitting the top stair is pretty darn useful. Not to mention turning off the light from the comfort of your own bed!

4. Wireless Charging Bedside Tables

Today, many smartphones are capable of wireless charging, and that means the end of annoying wire tangles! A wireless charging bedside table allows you to charge your phone without wondering where you left your charger last. Never forget to charge your phone again with this beauty! Plus, bedside tables can help add more storage to your bedroom design while offering a convenient place to charge your devices.

Smart home technologies provide a futuristic, easily installable, and affordable option for transforming your bedroom. With a seemingly endless array of options on the market, there is something for everyone out there. There are so many things to tackle in a day; stubbing your toe while floundering for the light switch shouldn’t be one of them. Plus, you can integrate technology into the rest of your home with smart home technology for your kitchen, bathroom, and more!