Smart Home Technology for Your Kitchen

February 19, 2018

Convenience is readily available at the touch of a button – a smartphone button, that is. The busiest of us have always had trouble finding the time to prepare meals and navigate the kitchen. With these tech innovations, people with a time shortage can stretch the minutes they have by killing two birds with one stone. More accurately, making two meals with one button. Here are a few types of smart home technology for your kitchen to consider:

1. Smart Coffee

Imagine having the coffee maker start brewing a fresh pot while you’re still in bed. Get an extra ten minutes of sleep with smart coffee machines! All you need to do is flick a button on your phone to start it up in the morning, and then roll over for just a little longer.

Set times, different recipes, and even geo-locations are just some of the settings on this little treasure. Using technology to your advantage like this is one of the coffee station ideas that can help you create a convenient beverage station in your kitchen and also elevate your morning routine. 

2. Smart Crockpot

With a smart crockpot, you can make a meal while sitting at work. If you leave all the ingredients in the pot ahead of time, this product integrates with an app on your phone for activation. Don’t worry about traffic causing your food to overcook – you can use your phone to turn the crockpot off as well. Not to mention, you can check its temperature on the go! No more soggy dinner for the connected consumer.

3. Smart Plate

Watching what you eat is tough, especially trying to do portion control when you own large plates. Smart plates alleviate this burden by measuring your food. Its built-in sensors link to a food database for accuracy. Using the accompanying smartphone app, you can prevent overeating. It also gives friendly reminders to add vegetables!

4. Amazon Echo

The Echo is an indispensable part of any kitchen. Voice-activated, this smart home tech can do anything from telling you jokes to setting your timers. With the hands-free operation, the latter is an excellent touch during food preparation. The Echo connects to various apps, including music, games, and fitness – it’s a useful little helper in the kitchen.

Functional integrations, which include technology, are one of the kitchen trends that will never go out of style. No one should sacrifice home-cooked meals just because their schedule is tight. Eat right, and utilize your time to the fullest with smart home technology in your kitchen. You can also make other areas of your home high-tech with smart home technology for your bathroom, bedroom, or just your home overall.