8 Cool Coffee Station Ideas For Your Custom Home

November 7, 2023

If coffee is an important start to your morning routine, you know how nice it is to have all your supplies in one spot. No matter how you make your coffee, there are a few necessities to store and sometimes this can get out of hand. Having a designated coffee station can help keep your kitchen less cluttered, even if your coffee station isn’t actually in your kitchen. Here are a few coffee station ideas for your custom home:

1. Use Wasted Space

Will there be space in your kitchen or near your kitchen that’s unused? This is a great spot for a coffee station and helps eliminate wasted space in your home. Add a counter and cabinets for storage.

Or if you prefer a less permanent option, use a console table or sideboard that provides storage and space for your coffee station. Either store mugs in your cabinet or hang them on the walk with hooks. This is a classic kitchen organization tip.

2. Install a Pull-Out Cabinet or Appliance Garage

If you’re looking for a way to organize kitchen appliances, an appliance garage or pull-out cabinet are helpful add-ons. This feature can be a perfect coffee station. Not only will it hide your coffee supplies when you’re not using them, but it’ll keep everything together.

3. Make it a Part of Your Wet Bar

If you already have a cocktail or wet bar part of your custom kitchen design layout, you can simply add your coffee supplies to this area. This will maximize your space and make your cocktail bar more versatile. Store glasses and mugs on open shelving or in a classy glass cabinet.

4. Dedicate a Small Corner to Coffee

If you don’t want to give up too much space for a coffee station, a small corner will suffice. Just make sure it’s easily accessible for those early mornings! Using a mug tree or hooks on the wall will free up precious space and help organize kitchen cabinets.

5. Go High-Tech

If you’re looking for something more automated, there’s some smart home technology for your kitchen available. This could be a stand-alone machine or you can ask for a built-in one. Built-in coffee machines can be connected to your water line, making filling water canisters a thing of the past.

Smart coffee machines come with auto-start features, while some may even have grinders, frothers, and espresso capabilities. High-tech machines, the right ingredients, and all the right supplies can help you set up a coffee station that serves your needs, whether you’re making your normal everyday brew or trying out new coffee trends.

6. Utilize Your Pantry

If you want your coffee station out of sight, or out of mind, try setting it up inside your pantry. Dedicating a corner or shelf to store all of your coffee supplies is a helpful pantry organization tip to try.

Or, ask for a countertop to be installed if you like. That way, you can streamline your process without needing to drag out the coffee maker or espresso machine. You can even design your pantry to be a butler’s pantry to create a coffee station and extra workspace.

7. Streamline Breakfast

Try combining your coffee station with your breakfast necessities. Maybe you use the toaster every morning or the blender for smoothies. If you have a breakfast nook, set up a coffee station in this area. Putting everything in the same area can help make your mornings much more efficient and is a nice benefit of a breakfast nook.

8.​​ Transform a Closet

Sometimes a closet can be a great coffee station. If you have an unused closet space, consider using that space for a dedicated coffee station. Install floating shelves and use a side table for preparation. This is another coffee station idea that can be hidden away when not in use.

There are just a few coffee station ideas for your custom home. Setting up a dedicated space for coffee will help streamline your mornings and cut back on stress. Working with the right custom home builder will help you get the look you want in your custom home. If you’re ready to talk about your own custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to bring your dream home to life!

Infographic by NitroBrew