11 Cozy Sunroom Design Ideas to Consider For Your Custom Home

March 5, 2024

Sunshine can be an instant mood booster. Having a room dedicated to sunshine can make your house feel warm and cozy, even during the winter months. You will be able to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather is less than desirable. Here are a few cozy sunroom design ideas to incorporate into your custom home design:

1. Anchor the Room With Windows

If you’ve been wondering if you should add a sunroom to your custom home design, you should know they will offer a lot of extra natural light. Maximizing this light by making sure you have enough windows is key to getting a good amount of sun, and gives you a clear view of the outdoors.

For a stunning room, consider floor-to-ceiling windows. This will make a statement plus give you plenty of natural light. Picture or bay windows are classic architectural features to incorporate into your home design and they offer an unobstructed view.

If you want sunlight streaming in from above, consider a skylight or two. If you want your sunroom to transition out to a patio, try folding window doors. This way, you can maximize your patio, deck, and sunroom as an entertaining space.

Don’t forget to think about privacy and how much light you want. Sunrooms do not have to be made of all windows. A few strategic windows can provide a good amount of light while still offering privacy. Thinking about these things is one of the helpful tips for planning window placement.

sunroom with table2. Make Sure You Have Enough Lighting

While plenty of windows will provide lots of natural light during daylight hours, You need to have plenty of lighting if you plan to use your sunroom after dark. A good tip for lighting a room that gets lots of natural light is to layer your lighting.

Getting the right mix of natural light and lighting fixtures can help you get the light you need and want when you need it. Permanent lighting fixtures on ceilings and even walls paired with task lighting and temporary fixtures like floor lamps or table lamps can help supplement and support natural light and give you the lighting you need when the sun goes down or on overcast days.

Layering your lighting is a popular home lighting trend because it allows you to pick just the right level of lighting in any situation. If you plan to spend evenings in your sunroom, layered lights will allow you to increase the light level as needed. Layered lighting is a helpful tip for lighting any room, not just a sunroom.

molding detail on wall3. Add Plenty of Texture

To keep your room from feeling too flat, make sure you have a mix of textures. If you’re wondering how to add texture to your walls, ask for wallpaper or textured wall paint.

Crown molding is another way to add texture and some dimension to your ceiling while glossy paint will reflect light, giving your sunroom an even airy feel. Another crown molding idea is to highlight your windows with the trim, making your windows really stand out.

4. Fill It With Plants

If you have a green thumb, a sunroom is an ideal spot for plants. The natural light is optimal for many plants and can even be a great place to grow herbs if you love to cook. However, if you plan to have plants in your sunroom, you’ll need to ensure consistent temperatures. Proper insulation and windows can help keep things just right. Thinking about these factors beforehand is a useful indoor gardening tip.

Adding plants can also make your sunroom feel a bit outdoorsy. This can make you feel as if you’re living outdoors even in the dead of winter. A pop of green can always cheer you up during dreary weather.

built-in sunroom5. Make it a Second Living Room

A sunroom can make a great second living space, which is why one of the sunroom design ideas is to make it like a second living room. If you include heating in your design, it can easily stay cozy year-round.

Comfort-focused everything is one of the living room design trends you can bring into your sunroom design and decor. Add plenty of comfy seating for a casual and laid-back living room. This extra living room is perfect for a larger family or entertaining.

6. Make it a Secondary Dining Area

Dining alfresco is always a popular choice in the summer. However, it’s not always possible if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Using your sunroom as a secondary dining area can give you the benefit of enjoying the outdoors anytime.

If you plan to have your sunroom insulated so you can use it all year long, you can create an incredible outdoor living space and enjoy dinner with a view even in the winter. This is also a great secondary dining space for our family dinners or holiday gatherings.

7. Choose Appropriate Window Treatments

Even though the point of the sunroom is to let in plenty of natural light, it’s still important that you have window coverings in place. Window coverings can ensure privacy and minimize glare. They also can help with climate control which is especially important if your sunroom faces south.

You can opt for simple blinds or curtains. or, for a dramatic flourish, decorate with a combination of both or go with airy and breezy drapes. Be sure to consider the style of the room and functionality; both important when thinking about how to choose window treatments.

8. Encourage Artistic Adventures

Natural light is often sought after by many artists of many mediums. If you are a serious artist or simply enjoy channeling your creative side, a sunroom can be a great space for that. You can create the ultimate craft room in your sunroom. Or, you can designate zones for different activities. Make sure to include plenty of room for a workspace area. Be sure to have some lounging space as well for relaxing.

9. Use it as a Home Office

Another one of the sunroom design ideas is to use it as an office or temporary work space. If a home office is part of your custom home design, why not use part of your sunroom for that purpose? An office with plenty of natural lighting and a nice view can break up the monotony of working from home and make it more appealing.

Taking advantage of the natural light is a useful home office lighting tip. However, be sure to have the right kind of window treatments if you plan to use your sunroom as an office. This is especially important if you use a computer or a laptop. Proper window coverings can help avoid glare as well as harsh sunlight.

10. Give Readers a Cozy Space

A sunroom can be an ideal place for avid readers. With all the natural sunlight, it’s hard not to want to curl up with a good book. You can even turn this space into a home library and use home library design ideas, like icing types of shelves, to get the look, feel, and storage you want.

Ask for plenty of built-in shelving to hold all your books. Be sure to provide plenty of comfortable seating for an optimal reading experience. Including these features in your sunroom design is also a great reading nook idea.

11. Embrace Blues for a Serene Space

Blue is often recognized as a calming shade. If you want your sunroom to be a calming oasis, try decorating in various shades of blue. You can even embrace the color drenching trend and paint everything in blues if you want an eye-catching design. For a classic sunroom look, try accenting with wicker or rattan furniture.

These are a few cozy sunroom design ideas to inspire you if you’re thinking about including a sunroom in your custom home design. If you’re ready to get started on designing your custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090.