Swimming Pool Pros and Cons

November 3, 2017

People love to go for a swim! Pools will always be a much-loved luxury among homeowners because they are perfect for both celebrating and relaxing. Having your own pool sounds like a dream come true for many people. No more driving to the community pool that must be shared with hundreds of other people. However, not everything about owning a pool is fun or easy. It is important that homeowners consider all of the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to add a pool to their custom home. It’s hard to imagine any drawbacks, but there are indeed a few. Here are a few of the biggest swimming pool pros and cons so you can decide for yourself:

3 Pros of Having a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are one of the ideas for outdoor living spaces. Here are some benefits of swimming pools:

1. Fun & Recreation

The most obvious and desired aspect of a swimming pool is just how fun they are! Even in winter, pools can be heated so they’re available year-round. Worried about the weather? You can always install an indoor pool or get a pull-out canopy. Pools are the perfect excuse to invite people over to enjoy some food, swimming, and good times in good company.

2. Exercise

Swimming is also a great source of exercise. Swimming uses more muscles than running or aerobics, and with less stress on the joints. So, it’s ideal for both getting your blood pumping and for relaxing.

3. Added Value

If you decide to sell your house, a pool will often add value, as long as it is a desirable feature in your area. Although the return on investment for a swimming pool tends to vary widely across the nation, you will never lack for homeowners looking to buy a house with a well-kept pool in areas with hot, humid summer days. Plus, you can look at pool design trends when you are thinking about a pool for your custom home to make sure it’s what you want and need and also will add value to your home.

3 Cons of Having a Swimming Pool

As with anything, there can be potential drawbacks to a pool as well. Here are some potential cons of a swimming pool:

1. Supervision & Extra Security

Pools can be fun, but they can also be dangerous – especially for children and pets. You will always need to be sure your pool is covered or secure when not in use. Unsupervised children, in particular, may slip into the pool when running and horse-playing.

This is a hazard whether there is water in the pool or not.  Some pool landscaping ideas can help make the area around the pool safer and more comfortable. Still, be sure to teach your kids to swim and always watch them closely whenever they use the pool.

Homeowners should also take extra security precautions in general. As a homeowner with a pool, you will need to guard against others using your pool without permission as well. Put fences and locks around pools to secure them and post safety signs as needed to protect yourself and others.

2. Potential Limited Use

An outdoor pool will have a limited time frame for use, especially in areas with long winter months. Even if your pool is screened-in and in-ground, it will likely be closed down when the temperatures start to head toward freezing. This leaves you with a home feature that you cannot use year-round.

3. Maintenance

Health hazards can also occur if a pool is not properly maintained. You will need to keep proper pH levels to keep bacteria and algae from forming. If you do not do this, swimmers are at risk of illness or infection.

There are different options that can make for easier maintenance. One of the pros of saltwater pools is that maintenance is easier in some ways than traditionally chlorinated pools.

Regardless, proper pool maintenance is something that you must be prepared to invest in. On top of the cost for ongoing maintenance of the pool itself, any extra repairs or issues down the line could be quite expensive. Plus, if you have to deal with any swimming pool design mistakes, there may be extra maintenance and challenges to handle.

In the end, swimming pool pros and cons are a matter of discretion, It all depends on how much you will make use of your pool. If you know you will be enjoying it often, then it will be well worth the price and upkeep. Having something fun in the backyard is one of the backyard must-haves for your custom home. If the pros outweigh the cons for you, then a swimming pool could be the right “something fun”.