5 Popular Pool Design Trends of 2019

August 29, 2019

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can be a great addition to your custom home design. And, it’s one that you’ll probably be happy you included as the temperatures heat up! As you think about the details of your dream custom home, here are some popular pool design trends of 2019 to provide some inspiration for this backyard feature:

1. Built-In Features

When you get the chance to design and build your own custom home, you also get the chance to pick out the details of every element – including your swimming pool. One of the most popular pool design trends of 2019 and one that is bound to continue to be popular is built-in features. The luxurious side of this trend shows popular resort features making their way into residential pools.

Swimming pools aren’t just for swimming. They’re often used for lounging and relaxation. Plus, they often become the focus of any summer gatherings you host. Why stick with a standard pool design where you’re limited to sitting on the edge or using a pool float when you don’t have to? Instead of limited options, a custom-designed pool allows you limitless possibilities!

Think about how you might want to use your pool. You can still have plenty of space available to swim laps, but you can also incorporate built-in features to enhance your experience. Consider built-in stairs, a built-in ledge or submerged sun deck for lounging, or even a built-in bar with seating for the ultimate in summer social seating! You can even create a “dry” seating area in the middle of your pool with a fire pit for a totally new pool experience!

2. Smart Technology

Smart technology has been popular for a few years. As it continues to evolve, it just gets more popular as more integrations become available. When it comes to your pool, here are a few areas to consider for smart technology integrations:

Smart Pool Lighting

When it comes to your pool, lighting is important. But, you’re no longer limited to floodlights or standard recessed lights. With smart lighting, you can continue to incorporate lighting into your hardscaping, but you can also program it and customize it to your mood. You can put it on a timer or add motion activation. You can also control the color and brightness of the lights and maybe even add in customized effects!

Smart Automation

Another way smart technology can be used to enhance your pool is to reduce the energy it uses and how much maintenance you have to do for it. Automated cleaning and filtration systems can make your pool more energy-efficient while also reducing the amount of manual maintenance you have to do. You can also add features like automatic pH monitoring systems, automated pool covers, voice control systems, and more to help you manage your pool maintenance more efficiently.

3. Saltwater Pools

Traditionally, swimming pools were disinfected with chlorine and other chemicals. The smell of chlorinated pools and summer fun went hand-in-hand for many years. Now, we have other options – one of which is saltwater pools. Chlorinated pools can accumulate a buildup of chloramines, which often results in irritated eyes, irritated skin, and even asthma-like responses in some people.

Saltwater pools avoid this buildup of chloramines by using electrolysis to dissolve the salt and provide a continuous supply of sanitation to the pool. Generally, this results in a similar level of disinfection without a lot of the annoying side effects that can come with traditional chlorine-based systems.

When it comes to swimming pool pros and cons, one of the biggest drawbacks is maintenance. Saltwater pools can alleviate this concern for some homeowners as these pools also tend to be easier to maintain.

4. Darker Interior Finishes

Over the years, pools have maintained lighter interior finishes – until now. As pools become more about relaxation and lounging and less about just swimming laps, they’ve also become more focused on aesthetics in addition to function. This has led to modern swimming pools taking on a more lagoon-type feel and darker interior finishes.

Not only does a darker interior pool finish give your pool a completely different look, but it also provides some benefits as well. If you have a heated pool, you’ll use less energy heating the pool with a darker interior finish as it will attract and retain heat better than a lighter finish. It also gives a better appearance overall because it doesn’t show dirt and debris as much as lighter finishes do.

5. More Plants

Water slides, rock features, and more have become more popular in pool design. Along with these features, adding more plants around your pool has become a more popular pool design trend.

Adding plants and shrubs around your pool and incorporating them into your other features can give your backyard an interesting look. It also adds to the serenity and tranquility around your pool. A good balance of natural features around your pool can add some privacy while also making you feel like you’ve escaped to an island getaway in your own backyard.

Looking at trends can sometimes help you figure out what you do and don’t want in your own custom home design. These popular swimming pool design trends of 2019 can help you with some details in your backyard, but what about the rest of your custom home?

That’s where an experienced custom home builder with an in-house design/build process can help. If you’re ready to get started on your dream custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to make it a reality!