8 Vintage Kitchen Decor Ideas

November 10, 2020

Vintage kitchen decor can be a great way to create a unique look and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Vintage kitchen decor can also work well with a variety of different interior design styles, including, farmhouse, hygge, cottagecore, and more. Here are a few vintage kitchen decor ideas to help inspire you:

1. Use a Plate Rail to Display Vintage Decor

A plate rail, when it is deep enough to use for a shelf, is a great and simple way to display vintage decor items. It’s also a great vertical storage idea to help make the most of the space in your kitchen.

It can be used to hold vintage or antique plateware that can help to set the tone of the room and its decor style. Or, a plate shelf can be used to hold other items that will enhance the vintage styling of the kitchen.

2. Include Open Shelves in Your Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Open shelves are one of the popular kitchen cabinet styles and they can help bring out a vintage style in your kitchen. Incorporating open shelving into your kitchen cabinet layout is a great way to turn your plateware into decor. Open shelves also provide more space to display other vintage decor items, such as distressed signage, cans, and culinary antiques.

3. Choose Rustic Servingware and Dinnerware

Choosing rustic serving and dinnerware is a great way to round out the aesthetics of your vintage kitchen. You may also want to consider storage options for some of these items that allow them to double as decor.

You can install a row of hooks under cabinetry to provide a great place to store and display serving ware such as wooden ladles or spoons. A pot rack above a kitchen island is another option and can serve as an ideal place to hang copper cooking ware.

Not only does this free up cabinet space for other items and keep what you need within easy reach, but it also adds some vintage kitchen decor.

4. Opt for Industrial Lighting Fixtures

The more rugged nature of industrial lighting fixtures make them a good fit for vintage kitchen decor. Consider how you can incorporate industrial lighting fixtures to serve as a focal point in your vintage kitchen design.

The main lighting fixture can easily become an accent piece in your kitchen while traditional recessed lighting can provide a subtle source of additional light to ensure that adequate light sources are available when conducting food prep activities.

5. Hang a Stenciled Sign or a Chalkboard

A stenciled sign or chalkboard can be a great decor option in a vintage kitchen that will work nicely with the rest of your decor while also providing some utility. A chalkboard sign can be changed for the season or used for reminders for the family. It is a great addition to a vintage kitchen that will provide the opportunity for creative decoration and can even be used as a kitchen accent wall idea.

6. Turn an Old Soda Crate Into a Spice Rack

Selecting old and authentic items from estate sales or used furniture stores to repurpose is a great way to create unique and creative decor items. For instance, converting an old soda crate into a spice rack can result in a beautiful conversation piece that provides a great deal of vintage aesthetic and natural texture to your kitchen area.

7. Go for a Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

There are many types of sinks, but a farmhouse sink is a great way to make a statement with your vintage kitchen decor. Not only are farmhouse sinks convenient and highly functional options for your kitchen, but they also offer some big benefits when you are attempting to take your decor to the next level and create an authentic look and feel within your vintage kitchen.

8. Pick a Statement Floor

Although statement ceilings are one of the popular home decor trends, a statement floor is one of the vintage kitchen decor ideas that can help your kitchen design stand out. Capping off your vintage kitchen decor with a statement floor is often the best way to create an eye-catching kitchen area that will be a statement in your home.

Consider a checkerboard floor. A checkerboard pattern is a popular pool tile idea that also fits seamlessly into a vintage kitchen design. Encaustic tile flooring can create a unique look as well. At the same time, you can use natural rustic wood or flooring that looks natural and rustic to get a vintage look.

These are just a few vintage kitchen decor ideas. Creating a vintage-styled kitchen in your new home is a fun and exciting project that can create a profound first impression for the guests in your home. It is also a good way to create a high-functioning kitchen space that looks great.

If your current home just isn’t cutting it no matter how much you remodel, consider investing in a custom home that is designed and built to your style and needs. If you’re ready to start bringing your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!