10 Popular Pool Tile Ideas

September 12, 2023

If your custom home design includes a pool, you may be looking for pool tile inspiration. There are many different options and designs to try, so you should be able to find the perfect design. Here are a few popular pool tile ideas:

1. Checkerboard Tile

A checkerboard pattern is a classic pattern often seen in kitchens. However, it can be rather unexpected for a pool. Checkerboard tile is a fun and playful nod to mid-century vintage kitchen decor design while giving some movement to your pool design.

2. Vivid Blue Tile

Blue is a common pool tile choice because it gives the pool a quintessential look. Blue complements the sky and water as well as the surrounding landscaping.

Create an oasis by lining the area with tall shrubbery to act as privacy walls. Adding privacy walls via hedges is a popular pool landscaping design idea to try.

3. Turquoise and Terracotta

Turquoise has always been a popular tile color for pools. They reflect the sun, giving depth to the pool. Pairing turquoise with a terracotta patio offers a nice contrast and gives your pool area a Mediterranean vibe. If you’re planning on including an outdoor shower, one of the outdoor shower design ideas is to use terracotta and turquoise tile to enhance the shower. This is a nice way to subtly tie all these areas together using elements within the same style.

Terracotta is a great material to use for a patio. A common swimming pool design mistake to avoid is not choosing the right patio materials. Some materials can become slippery when wet, making them dangerous. Terracotta won’t become slippery so it’s a much safer choice.

3. Contrast Edging

Contrasting bright blue tiles in a mosaic pattern with a neutral border is a fun way to transition your patio area. Try an aged brick for a classic look. There are quite a few stamped concrete patio ideas to try for something fun or unexpected.

4. Go Big

Mosaic patterns are often found in pools. For a fun twist, try a large mosaic pattern. These larger tiles show a more defined pattern that can stand out against other pool decor. Plus, there are tons of options. You can opt for creating a pattern with shapes and colors or you could even create a specific image like sea turtles, shells, fish, etc.

5. Black Tiles

For a truly bold look, choose black tiles. This choice is great if you want a mid-century look to your pool and it’s a popular pool design trend right now. Add contrast with white concrete and other decor.

A bonus to black tiles? You’ll have a warmer pool because the black tiles will pull in the heat of the sun and retain it. This is useful if you live in a climate that cools down at night.

6. Bring in Jewel Tones

Pairing deep blue and green tiles with gray contrast gives your pool a gemstone vibe. This creates a luxurious feel to any pool area.

7. Mediterranean Pattern Tile

Pools that utilize an ornate Mediterranean pattern instantly transform any backyard. These intricate tiles almost seem to dance when sunlight reflects off of the water.

A Mediterranean design is one of the popular architectural designs for custom homes because they are unique. Inspired by homes in Italy and Spain, this design is warm and brings a coastal vibe to your home. Even if your home is not a Mediterranean design, you can still bring that design to your pool patio.

8. Medallion Tile

If you want your pool area to feel like a luxurious resort, try a medallion pattern tile. This gives your pool a playful yet upscale look. Accessorize with resort-style lounges and chairs to complete the resort look.

9. Use Natural Stone

Natural stone is a great choice if you want to have your pool blend in with the rest of your yard. Look for aged stones with similar color variations to create dimension in your pool. Try to draw inspiration from the area surrounding your pool to create a seamless flow into the pool.

Natural stone is a classic architectural design feature to incorporate into your home design. If you’re using natural stone indoors, using natural stone in your pool can help tie your indoor and outdoor design together.

10. Blue Subway Tile

Subway tile is a staple for a reason. Often found in minimalist kitchen designs, you can use it in your pool, too! Integrate this style into your pool area by using subway tile in your pool. Try subway tile in one shade of blue for a stunning blue pool. Or, try a few different shades of blue for an illusion of movement. And if you want a big contrast, alternate tiles of blue with black or white.

These are just a few pool tile design ideas to try. There are some swimming pool pros and cons to consider before adding a pool to your home design. If a swimming pool makes sense for your home design, it can be a great backyard feature that provides years of enjoyment. If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, with or without a pool, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!