6 Appliance Garage Ideas to Consider For Your Kitchen Design

April 2, 2024

It doesn’t take much for a kitchen to feel cluttered. Kitchen appliances are useful and typically offer a lot of convenience in the kitchen, but they do take up space. If you still want kitchen appliances accessible but out of the way, an appliance garage can make this possible. Here are a few appliance garage ideas to consider for your kitchen design:

What is an Appliance Garage?

An appliance garage is a designated space to house small kitchen appliances. It’s a helpful feature when you’re deciding how to organize kitchen appliances. These appliance garages offer easy accessibility to small appliances while hiding them away when not in use.

6 Appliance Garage Ideas to Consider For Your Kitchen Design

If you’re debating incorporating an appliance garage or two into your kitchen design, here are a few appliance garage ideas to consider:

1. Use Wasted Space

The idea of an appliance garage is to store appliances out of the way, freeing up your countertops. Look for spots in your kitchen design, such as a corner, that may be wasted space. This can be a great way to eliminate wasted space in your home and use it in a meaningful way.

Make the most of this wasted space by using it for storage. Enough storage is one of the top kitchen must-haves for many homeowners as it keeps your kitchen organized and less cluttered.

2. Use a Pull-Out Drawer

If your appliance garage is in an awkward spot, try adding a pull-out sliding drawer. Not only does this make an otherwise wasted space functional, but it can also make accessing your appliances easier. This would be an excellent spot for heavier or bulkier appliances, like stand mixers.

This pull-out drawer also makes cleaning easier. Rather than trying to reach into an awkward space, you can simply pull the drawer out for easier access. If you want to combine this type of appliance garage with more storage, you can also design it to be similar to types of kitchen pantries, like a slide-out pantry or a built-in cabinet pantry.

3. Try a Roll-Up Door

A roll-up cabinet door is a practical solution if your appliance garage might be tight on space. The benefit of a roll-up door is that it allows you to use the appliance while it remains in the appliance garage without any hindrance from a door or panel like you might with traditional cabinet space. This works especially well for bigger appliances like espresso machines or bread machines.

4. Add it to Your Island

While people most often think of appliance garages as an extra cabinet on a countertop, they can be any designated space for storing appliances. If an island is part of your kitchen design, consider adding a specific appliance garage there. Utilizing your island for extra storage is another useful tip when thinking about how to add more storage space to your kitchen design.

5. Make it Easily Accessible

If you plan to store appliances you use daily, make sure the appliance garage is easily accessible. Otherwise, you may be tempted to simply leave your appliances out, defeating the purpose of an appliance garage.

Opting for open shelving instead of covering the appliance garage with a door or panel can help make appliances more accessible. It’s important to think about your daily routine and what appliances you use frequently. This will help you avoid some of the common kitchen organization mistakes, like keeping things you don’t use.

6. Add it to Your Pantry Design

Pantries are a useful storage solution for any kitchen and come in a few different options, like walk-in pantries. If you plan to include one in your kitchen design, why not designate part of that space to housing appliances?

This is a great place to keep appliances that you use sometimes, but not daily. They’re still close by for when you need them, but they’re not taking up precious cabinet or drawer space. Plus, if you choose a walk-in pantry, there should be some extra space to dedicate to appliance storage. This extra space is one of the biggest benefits of a walk-in pantry.

These are just a few appliance garage ideas to consider for your kitchen design. Including plenty of storage in your kitchen is one of the kitchen trends that will never go out of style. What does your dream kitchen look like? Contact Custom Home Group for help in planning out the custom home you want, with the kitchen you will love!