5 Cottagecore Home Decor Ideas

November 3, 2020

If you are looking for a great way to decorate your home with a folksy decorating trend that will create an atmosphere of calming comfort and relaxation, cottagecore home decor may be the right choice for your new home. Here’s what to know about cottagecore and a few cottagecore home decor ideas to inspire your own look:

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore home decor is a cozy decorating style that brings together different items for a nostalgic feel that elicits both comfort and relaxation. It has seen a recent surge of popularity and shares some overlap with both hygge decor and farmhouse decor. A country cottage and rustic look are central to cottagecore decor, and comfort is another key component to successfully pulling off this type of home decor.

5 Cottagecore Home Decor Ideas

Here are a few cottagecore home decor ideas to help inspire you:

1. Decorate With Wildflowers

Using flowers in your cottagecore decor is a great way to achieve a country look. The natural look of wildflowers, even if they are artificial, is a non-intrusive and versatile way to add a country look to a room. Plus, you can use them in a variety of ways to create your desired aesthetic and tie the decor in your room together nicely.

You can use real wildflowers in your decor. A simple bouquet in a vase or a unique container can add a rustic and beautiful touch to a room. You can also use faux flowers for a more long-lasting look or if you suffer from allergies. Another option is to decorate with pampas grass, which can stand on its own or be included with other plants and flowers for a unique look.

Artificial flowers in a container can spruce up a room. You can also incorporate them into a wreath, garland, or spring centerpiece. Incorporating dried wildflowers is a great way to add a rustic and natural country look and feel to a room. Consider tying everything together with floral fabrics, bed linens, tablecloths, or wallpaper.

2. Add Some Knitted Blankets

Another one of the cottagecore home decor ideas is to consider ways to incorporate different textures and materials into your decorating efforts. Chunky knitted blankets can help give a cozy, country feel. They can also help to further enhance the aesthetic of a room when they are not in use by storing them in a rattan basket or wooden crate.

3. Include Homemade or Craft Items

Anything that has a homemade or craftsman look to it is a great option for cottagecore decor. Items that are actually homemade are an obvious choice, such as hand-painted canvases, homemade pots and vases, ceramic teapots, earthenware mugs, woven blankets, etc.

Whether you go with something truly homemade or something you buy from a store, avoid items that appear to be mass-produced and favor items that appear handmade or homemade. Focus on the types of items that appear lovingly handmade, each having their own unique attributes, as you make selections.

4. Go for Decor with a Vintage or Antique Look

If you are decorating with a cottagecore theme, be sure to consider decor that has a vintage or antique look. Many antique items can be repurposed and provide a great way to achieve a rustic or aged aesthetic in a unique way. Repurposing antiques or vintage items like this is one of the ideas for vintage bathroom design that you can use to also get a cottagecore look.

Even if you don’t choose actual antiques to incorporate into your decor, you should still gravitate toward decor that has been made with a vintage antique look. This will help to capture the look and feel of a cozy country cottage that has been lived in and loved for years.

5. Focus on the Fireplace

Focusing on the fireplace in a room is a good place to start when you are trying to create the cozy environment that is central to cottagecore decor. A fireplace can become the perfect focal point for a room. Plus, there are tons of ideas for fireplace decor that can help you create the look you want.

If you don’t plan on including a fireplace in your custom home design, you can always add a portable, electric one. Not only will this provide a little extra heat when you need it, but you can also include it in your cottagecore decor.

It’s no surprise that this comfy, cozy style is one of the top TikTok interior design trends. If this seems like a style you like, these are just a few cottagecore home decor ideas to inspire the decor in your custom home. When done well, a cottagecore style is sure to create a warm, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere that family and guests will enjoy.

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