5 Industrial Interior Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

January 7, 2020

One of the best ways to achieve a unique look in your home is by choosing an industrial interior design theme. The opportunities are nearly endless and you and your custom home builder will be able to create a special look and feel for your home that will set it apart from others. Here are a few industrial interior design ideas to help get the creative juices flowing – just be sure to “make it your own” when going about choosing your industrial décor and design!

What is Industrial Interior Design?

Industrial interior design is a type of home décor largely themed after, and popularized by, commercial spaces that have been repurposed into living areas and homes. Many homeowners are now choosing this type of design for their new homes because of its practicality, functionality, and bold aesthetic appeal.

Industrial design incorporates building materials and other components that are either uncommonly used in interior design or repurposed from other applications. In this way, homes that are decorated in such a manner achieve an unmatched mix of rugged modernity!

5 Industrial Interior Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

Here are some industrial design ideas to help you figure out if this style is the right one for you and to help inspire you:

1. Incorporate Concrete

Concrete can be a great material to use within your industrial interior design! Plus, it’s a versatile material, so there are several ways to incorporate concrete into your custom home design. Consider utilizing this durable material for floors in entryways, as an accent wall, or even for the base of your kitchen island!

The industrial appearance will make a big statement and is one of the popular home design trends. However, if you don’t want to go quite as “big” with a statement piece, you can use smaller pieces for a touch of industrial decor. Concrete vases can add a touch of concrete decor without needing as much of a commitment to using this building material.

2. Mix Wood and Metal

Mixing different wood and metal textures is a great idea for industrial decor and one that is seen quite frequently. A vintage metal table with a wooden tabletop is a popular way to get this look and is one of the industrial farmhouse design ideas.

For a more industrial look, stay away from plastic components and fixtures. Instead, opt for items constructed of these more durable and rugged-looking materials. It’s a bonus if they look vintage, distressed, or repurposed from a factory. You can even use them for a staircase railing, which is one of the creative stair railing design ideas.

3. Expose Brick, Pipes, Ducts, or Ceiling Beams

In some types of interior design, the end goal is a very “finished” look that hides the working components of the home. But, with industrial design, it’s a good idea to leave certain aspects exposed like brick, pipes, ductwork, ceiling beams, etc. All of these aspects are fair game with industrial design. This is also one of the double vanity bathroom ideas to give your bathroom an industrial look.

Industrial buildings are made for functionality and practicality and the style has origins in brutalist architecture. So, by nature, they possess a bit of an unfinished look. Your industrial-themed home should achieve the same, but it should appear purposeful. For example, if you have pipes or ductwork exposed, discuss with your custom home builder what types of materials will need to be used to achieve the desired aesthetic. 

You may decide to line an interior wall with brick or stucco to give the feel of a renovated warehouse or factory building. Blending a brick accent wall into a drywall surface with plaster is yet another way to give the appearance of a reclaimed building that has been converted to a unique dream home. These are also industrial kitchen ideas that you can use to create an industrial look and feel in your kitchen design.

4. Repurpose Old Tools and Installation Fixtures

Internet and estate auctions are often great places to snag a few good antiques that can be repurposed and used within an industrial interior design. Use some creativity when selecting items, such as old tools or fixtures. They may be able to be incorporated in such a way that gives them a new and practical function in your home while they simultaneously add a unique aspect to your décor.

There are plenty of ways to repurpose and incorporate architectural salvage into your home design. For example, old brass knobs from antique plumbing fixtures may make for great cabinet or drawer handles on furniture. Or, an old anvil stand might be repurposed as an end table in a living room. Keep an open mind and use your imagination – you’ll be amazed at what you might dream up!

5. Decorate with Vintage Furniture and Accessories

Another one of the industrial interior design ideas to include vintage furniture and accessories. The simplicity and open layout of industrial design give it a modern feel, but it tends to work best with the juxtaposition of modernity and vintage components. Older industrial buildings feature durable metal and wood components that contribute to the overall feel of the building and its architecture.

In a similar way, these types of vintage items will give your industrial design a look and feel of authenticity. Picking vintage furniture styles or adding vintage accessories to your decor can help you complete an industrial look. Wrought iron lighting fixtures can help you get this look and is a way to incorporate wrought iron into your home design.

These are just a few industrial design ideas to get you thinking about how to add a touch of industrial decor to your custom home. The best part is that these are just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many possibilities available, so you’re bound to find the perfect fit for you, whether it’s just a small touch of industrial decor or a complete industrial structure.

If you are ready to turn your dreams of a new industrial-themed home into a reality, we are excited to help you accomplish your goals and also make the process memorable and enjoyable. Give one of our experienced representatives a call at 717-284-4090 and start planning your dream home today!