7 Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas

June 8, 2023

If you’re in the process of designing your custom home, you may be wondering how to Make a double vanity in the bathroom work. These are helpful when more than one person needs access to the bathroom at a time, making them especially good for families. Double vanities are great in large bathrooms, but can work well in smaller bathrooms, too. Here are a few double vanity bathroom ideas:

1. Add Sleek and Modern Elements

If your home has a modern decor style, you can incorporate that into your bathroom, too. For a really modern look, choose vanities that are mounted on the wall. The absence of legs meeting the floor creates a floating effect and is a modern design touch.

Choose flat front drawers without drawer pulls. This again creates a sleek and modern look to match the rest of your home. Choose modern bathroom fixtures and faucets, like faucets in a chrome finish, to pull the room together.

2. Go Industrial

For an eye-catching bathroom, try a double vanity in an industrial interior design style. Choose a countertop in a stone finish, such as granite, with open shelving underneath. Open shelving will expose pipes, which is common in industrial style.

3. Make Storage a Priority

If your double vanity will be in a bathroom used by your whole family, make sure your double vanity comes with plenty of storage options. Opt for plenty of drawers, so that everything has its place. You can even assign each family member a drawer or set of drawers.

Leaving space at the bottom for open shelving is a great place to store extra towels, washcloths, or other bathroom supplies. This helps maximize storage and is a great bathroom storage solution.

4. Mix and Match Materials

Are you having a hard time picking between two materials? Do you want marble and a wood finish? Well, sometimes you really can have the best of both worlds. Playing around with materials is one of the bathroom mirror ideas and it can work for other elements as well. 

Choose a marble countertop but have the rest of the vanity in whatever wood you would like. This will give you a nice contemporary look in your bathroom. Marble is a popular countertop choice and is one of the best bathroom countertops to use in your bathroom design.

5. Choose a Double Pedestal Sink

If you’re looking for traditional or modern Victorian decor ideas for your bathroom, choose a double pedestal sink. However, this only works if you are willing to sacrifice counter space and storage space. If you’re able to live without counter space and work in storage space in other areas of your bathroom, this is a very classy and traditional choice.

6. Contrast With Hardware

Depending on the countertop material you choose, it may end up stealing the limelight from other elements in your bathroom. To bring more attention to other aspects of your bathroom, one of the bathroom design ideas is to offset your countertops with contrasting hardware.

However, this contrasting hardware should bring in other elements of your bathroom. If your bathroom vibe is casual, choose hardware that reflects that feel. But if you’re going for an elegant and opulent bathroom, choose hardware that’s in a finish such as chrome or gold.

7. Add Color

Double vanities are a great way to add a splash of color to your bathroom. Bringing color into your bathroom this way is a great way to make a statement. Choose a bright and bold color if you want to add some drama to your bathroom or choose a muted shade for an understated look.

There are pros and cons of double vanity sinks; but when they are a good fit, they work really well. Plus, they are customizable and there are so many options available. These are just a few double vanity bathroom ideas to try in your custom home.

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