7 Interesting Industrial Kitchen Ideas to Consider For Your Custom Home

December 26, 2023

Designing and building a custom home means you have the opportunity to design every room in your home. There is a lot of flexibility with that kind of freedom, especially in a room like the kitchen that has so many elements to consider. If you’re a fan of industrial interior design, here are some industrial kitchen ideas to consider for your custom home:

What is an Industrial Kitchen?

Although elements of commercial kitchens can overlap with industrial kitchen design, commercial kitchens are not industrial-style kitchens. In the context of interior design and residential custom homes, industrial kitchens are those that implement elements and components of industrial style.

Industrial interior design focuses on sleek, simple, and utilitarian elements. This style also often features touch finishes and textures and focuses on raw materials. There may also be elements that are intentionally left exposed. Open-concept floor plans are common, but are not necessarily required.

7 Industrial Kitchen Ideas to Consider For Your Custom Home

Here are a few interesting industrial kitchen ideas to consider for the kitchen design in your custom home:

stainless steel oven and stovetop in farmhouse kitchen1. Choose Raw Materials With the Right Texture

Raw materials are key features in industrial design. Choosing raw materials with the right texture for an industrial look is one of the industrial interior design ideas that you can use to create an industrial kitchen.

Concrete, brick, steel, and wood are common materials that pop up in industrial style. There are many ways to incorporate concrete, from floors and walls to backsplashes, countertops, and more. In addition to new raw materials, you can also explore salvaged materials.

There are many ways to implement architectural salvage that can complement and fit in well with industrial interior design. Using reclaimed wood in seating or a kitchen island and adding antique or vintage items are industrial kitchen ideas that can make use of salvaged items.

2. Mix Different Types of Materials

kitchen with white cabinets, black countertops, kitchen island with dining bar and stainless steel appliancesIn addition to mixing industrial with other styles for interesting architectural designs, one of the industrial kitchen ideas is to mix different types of materials, usually wood with concrete and/or metal.

Mixing raw materials, like wood, with metal accents is one of the industrial farmhouse design ideas you can use to add a utilitarian look and feel to your kitchen in a sleek and stylish way. A butcher block countertop for a kitchen island paired with metal stools for seating is a classic example of this mix that can work across a variety of styles.

kitchen3. Leave Some Design Elements Exposed

One of the tips for industrial interior design is to take inspiration from factories and add some style along with a residential twist. Leaving some design elements exposed, especially structural elements, can help you add a touch of industrial style to a room.

Exposed ductwork and piping are classic elements of industrial interior design. Exposed brick is a kitchen accent wall idea that can also help create an industrial look and feel. Exposed wooden beams are another popular option that work well with industrial looks as well as farmhouse and several other styles.

4. Focus on Open Space That Functions Well

Open-concept spaces are common in industrial interior design, but you don’t always have to use open layouts to still get the look. Even without an open-concept kitchen, you still want to focus on keeping the space feeling open and easy to use; no matter the kitchen design layout you choose.

Some mistakes to avoid with industrial are making spaces feel too cramped and sacrificing function for style. By keeping open spaces or open flow that function well in mind as you think about design, you can have an industrial kitchen look that still works the way you need it to.

5. Pick Industrial Lighting Fixtureskitchen with island and dining room

There are many lighting options to choose from, which also means there are a lot of ways to get the look and feel you want in the type of lighting you want. The right mix of lighting is important in any room and is particularly important in the kitchen.

Picking industrial lighting fixtures is an easy way to add some industrial style to your kitchen. Wrought iron or the look of wrought iron in lighting are ways to incorporate wrought iron into your home design, which can give your kitchen an industrial, vintage, or even Victorian look.

You can also get creative with the light bulbs themselves. Filament bulbs and Edison bulbs are popular choices for industrial interior design. Although they aren’t a great option for task or detail lighting, they could make sense over a kitchen island or dining table.

kitchen with farmhouse sink white cabinets and island with sink, prep, area, and dining bar6. Take Inspiration From Restaurants

Although your residential kitchen isn’t meant to be a commercial kitchen or restaurant, you can still take some inspiration from restaurant design ideas for your kitchen. If you do a lot of prep and cooking or a lot of entertaining, it may make sense to opt for restaurant-grade appliances in your kitchen.

Other industrial kitchen ideas inspired by restaurants include racks for hanging pots and pans. Metal pot/utensil racks paired with some copper pots and pans or utensils can add interesting color contrast in addition to building an industrial look and feel. Plus, it’s an easy way to add copper decor to your home if copper fits the palette you’re going for.

7. Include Open Shelves and Flat-Panel Cabinets

kitchen with stainless steel appliances and island

There are several kitchen cabinet styles to choose from and many of them can work well in an industrial kitchen design. Open shelves are a popular industrial kitchen idea. With a focus on sleek, minimalist, and utilitarian looks, mixing open shelves and cabinets can give you the storage you need in your kitchen along with some versatility and industrial style. A minimalist approach to your kitchen cabinets, like flat-front or flat-panel cabinetry, can help you continue to build and complement an industrial look and feel.

Design and Build Your Dream Home With Custom Home Group

There are several kitchen design trends and options to consider as you think about the right kitchen for you. These are a few industrial kitchen ideas to consider if you’re thinking about a kitchen design in this style.

Partnering with an experienced, reputable custom home builder, especially one with an in-house design/build process, can help you figure out the options that work best for you and ensure you end up with a home design you love that also meets your needs.

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