4 Japandi Interior Design Ideas

October 19, 2021

Interior design trends and styles can help you narrow down design and decor choices in your home. Designing around a theme or combination of themes that pair well together can help you create a cohesive, consistent look in your home. Here’s what to know about Japandi style and a few Japandi interior design ideas to help inspire this look in your own custom home:

What is Japandi Style?

Japandi is an interior design style that combines Scandinavian and Japanese styles. This Scandi fusion style is rooted in minimalism and focuses on functionality. It can range from rustic to modern and the aesthetic tends to center on natural elements, simplicity, and comfort. Common design elements include clean lines, light colors, and bright spaces that blend form and function.

4 Japandi Interior Design Ideas

If this sounds like the right style for you, here are a few Japandi interior design ideas to help you get this look in your home:

1. Invest in Quality, Handmade Pieces

Japandi styles often feature items with beautiful craftsmanship. The preference is quality, often handmade, pieces over manufactured, cheaply made pieces. Whether you are looking for larger furnishings for a room or smaller pieces of decor, opt for something crafted, artisan, and handmade to enhance this aesthetic.

2. Include Natural, Sustainable Materials

Natural materials and a focus on sustainability are staples of Japandi interior design. You can focus on things like zen garden ideas for more obvious aesthetic influences, but you can also go with more subtle elements and still accomplish this style. Including wood elements, especially repurposed or natural wood, is a great way to add a Japandi, rustic, or farmhouse look to your home.

You can repurpose pallets for your home decor in interesting ways to get this look, including using them on the walls. You could also leave wooden beams exposed in the design of a home. Other options include bookcases, shelves, pieces of decor, and more in unfinished or repurposed wood.

Wood is a classic option when it comes to including natural materials in your home, but it’s not the only option. Bamboo is a popular material for Japandi interior design. You can also get add a touch of nature with houseplants, natural fabrics, and other natural textures.

3. Opt for Neutral Color Palettes

Neutral color palettes are a popular option for complementing Japandi style decor. Typically, the color choices center on peaceful, tranquil, and calming palettes to help create bright, relaxing spaces.

Although bright colors can be incorporated, they are often subtle and included intentionally in meaningful ways. Too many colors or too much in general that clashes and overwhelms a room are some mistakes to avoid with Japandi design.

4. Add Storage to Keep Things Clutter-Free

Because open spaces and clean lines are essential elements of Japandi style, it’s important to keep spaces free of clutter. A minimalist focus paired with enough storage is a big help when it comes to reducing, preventing, and containing clutter.

Multifunctional furniture that incorporates hidden storage compartments can help you add storage to a room where you need it and in meaningful ways. If you have an active household where clutter is bound to happen, you can include some natural containers to give everything a place.

Wood boxes or crates, wicker baskets, and more can all be used to give things a storage place. You can also use folding screens or built-in dividers to “hide” excess stuff. These strategies can help you contain the clutter and keep your space feeling clutter-free, even if there’s more stuff than you would like for the moment.

With a focus on elegant, comfortable minimalism, it’s no surprise that Japandi is one of the top TikTok interior design trends. If you like this style, these are just a few Japandi interior design ideas to inspire the look and style in your own home. If no amount of redecorating or remodeling makes your current house feel like home, it may be time to consider a custom home that is designed and built to suit your needs.

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