6 Ways to Decorate With Houseplants

May 6, 2021

Plants can be a great way to add a little nature and greenery to the interior of your home. Not only can they help create a more relaxing atmosphere, but you may be able to get some other benefits as well. Here are a few ways to decorate with houseplants:

1. Add a Tree to Make a Statement

Small succulents and potted plants can fit in a lot of spaces and look great. If you have the space and enough height with the ceiling, try adding a potted tree instead. Not only does this make a statement, but it can also fill the space without overwhelming it. Plus, decorating with houseplants is often one of the summer decor trends and is a great way to freshen up a space.

2. Use Foliage to Fill High Spaces

There are plenty of areas where you end up with some space between the ceiling and the top of something. Short, low-profile foliage can be a great way to fill high spaces. With houseplants or other items, the space between high cabinets and the ceiling, a bookcase and the ceiling, and more aren’t as awkward.

If there is a lot of empty space, you could also consider adding a plate rail. Not only is this one of the useful vertical storage ideas for your kitchen, but it’s also a great way to break up the empty space high on the wall and display small items.

3. Go Green on a Garland

Banners, string lights, and more can be a great way to add some decoration to a room. One of the ways to decorate with houseplants is to go green on a garland.

You can use ivy, other climbing-type vines, or a mix of leaves and flowers to create a garland. These can be a subtle way to enhance a doorway, frame a floating shelf, add some fireplace decor when it’s not in use, and more.

4. Decorate a Bookshelf

Bookshelves have become a popular feature in many homes. Not only do they provide some storage and space for organization, but they also double as decor. You can stuff shelves full of books if you love reading or you can space things out and add other decor items for an interesting look. There are tons of ways to style a bookshelf to elegantly feature books and decor.

Small plants can be a great addition to a bookshelf and this is a great way to decorate with houseplants. If you’re a fan of gardening, you can even go all out and fill the shelves with plants to create your own houseplant library. This is also one of the easy and fun spring decorating ideas to freshen up your home.

5. Freshen up a Bathroom

One of the ways to decorate with houseplants is to add them to your bathroom decor. Because bathrooms tend to be humid and moist environments, there are many plants for bathroom decor that thrive in that environment. Adding some greenery can be a great way to create a more relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom and also freshen up the look.

6. Create a Focal Point With a Living Wall

An indoor vertical garden, or living wall, makes a statement and creates a focal point for any room. There are a few common mistakes to avoid with indoor vertical gardens, like choosing the wrong plants, ignoring good irrigation and water management, and more.

But, if you can get it right, you can create a gorgeous wall of greenery that stands out, adds a unique aesthetic, and helps you create the atmosphere you want in a room. In addition to the benefits of adding some nature, this is also a way to prioritize plants in your design and decor, which is one of the biophilic design ideas that can mesh well with several styles.

Whether you go with real plants or fake ones, these are just a few ways to decorate with houseplants to inspire you in your own space. Adding some greenery can help brighten a space and is also one of the eco-friendly design trends.

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