6 Creative Window Treatment Ideas

July 22, 2021

Window treatments include all of the interior decorations used to cover, decorate, and enhance windows. Not only does this go beyond standard curtains, blinds, or drapes, but it also means you can get creative with your window treatments for a unique look. Here are some creative window treatment ideas to help inspire you:

1. Hang a Sign

Whether you decide to buy something or DIY, a sign can be a great window treatment across the top of a window. Instead of a standard valence, you can hang a sign across the top of the window for a unique look that still lets in plenty of light.

This is an idea that also has a lot of options. You can stick with something standard like, “welcome”, or opt for a more personal word, phrase, quote, or saying. There are a lot of options to make your own clever signs for your home.

2. Repurpose a Barn Door

Turning a barn door into a window treatment is one of the ways to use barn doors in your custom home design and can add a unique design element to a room. You can make it a standard window cover or create a folding privacy screen.

Whether you hang a door on a sliding bar to cover the window, split it to make shutters, or something else, using a reclaimed barn door as a window treatment can help you create a rustic, country, or farmhouse look and feel.

3. Consider Frosted Glass

Window treatments can also include decorative glass options. If you want to have some privacy while still letting light into the room, consider frosted glass.

You can opt for full coverage or a custom design to fit the style of the room and the look you want. Decorative glass options can help you get the right light in an entryway and are creative entryway decor ideas too.

4. Put up Shutters

Another one of the creative window treatment ideas is to put up shutters on the interior of the windows. Shutters can be a great way to enhance windows on the exterior of your home, but they can also work well inside too.

Vintage-style shutters can help create a rustic look while other materials can help you get a modern look. Plus, shutters are customizable, so you can get whatever size, style, color, etc. you need. And, they can be a great way to incorporate natural wood into your home decor.

5. Add Shelves

A window nook can be a great place for some shelves if it’s a window you’re unlikely to use a lot. Wooden shelves can give you some extra storage space while still letting in light. Glass shelves are another excellent option.

Not only will they let in light, but they’ll also brighten the space by reflecting it. If you mount only upper shelves with some space between the window and the edge of the shelf, you can get the extra storage from the shelves while still maintaining use of the window.

6. Create an Herb Garden

A window ledge or deeper sill can be a great place to grow herbs or small plants inside, but you can also create a hanging herb garden in front of the window. These are both great ways to decorate with houseplants.

A few well-mounted dowel rods and small hanging containers with hooks allow you to keep all of your counter space free and still have use of the window – all while growing useful herbs and spices for use in your home.

There are many ways to use garden herbs in your home, but they are not the only option. If you don’t want to grow herbs but still want some plants, you can opt for bright flowers or other plants. Many of the best houseplants for your kitchen will also work well in front of windows in other areas of your home, so you have a lot of options for a hanging window garden.

These are just a few creative window treatment ideas to inspire you as you think about the style you want around your windows. If you’re stuck between several ideas, you can think about light, style, and more to choose window treatments that work well for you.

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