10 Summer Decor Trends of 2023

July 29, 2021

Switching up your decor can give your home a fresh look and feel. If you’re feeling stuck, trends can help you figure out what you like, what you don’t like, or just provide some inspiration. Here are a few summer decor trends of 2023 to help inspire you:

1. Rich, Bright, and Calming Blue Hues

Blues are on-trend for the summer, especially blue hues that remind you of bright, clear summer skies and coastal, sandy beaches. A rich blue as a color on an accent wall, or even a kitchen accent wall, can make a room stand out. Bright blues can provide pops of color in decor accents.

You can also pair white and lighter blues together for a Grecian look or to create a coastal atmosphere. There are plenty of summer coastal decor ideas to help give you the feel of the beach at home while capitalizing on this summer decor trend.

2. Coastal Relaxation

With a variety of blue hues and beachy vibes still on-trend, especially for the summer, it’s no surprise that these come together for decor that helps a coastal relaxation look and feel. Whether you’re going for an oceanside luxury spa feel, a comfortable beach cottage, or something in between, there are a lot of design and decor options to help you get the look you want.

Coastal colors, ocean-themed details, and light, airy windows and doors, and more are all ways to incorporate coastal home decor. Bright colors and light neutrals can help you create a coastal look with some pops of color. Fresh greenery, glass decor, and sea glass can add some coastal decor and some elegance and luxury.

Lightweight fabrics for window treatments, a lot of natural light, and decor with texture, like wicker, rattan, or natural wood furniture and canvas fabrics in decor, can help you create a coastal look in a room. Blending natural textures like this is one of the rustic coastal design ideas if you want more of a country, craftsman, or beach cottage feel to your coastal atmosphere.

3. Minimalist Atmospheres

Summer is known as the season for kicking back and relaxing. A minimalist atmosphere is one of the summer decor trends to help you create a more calming, relaxing home.

The core of minimalism is a clean, simple, clutter-free look where everything has a purpose. Clearing out clutter and focusing on decor that is useful and enhances the room can help you create a relaxing atmosphere and summer look you love.

4. Relaxing, Versatile Neutrals

Neutrals tend to work all year round and are one of the summer decor trends. There are many ways to decorate with neutrals and they can also help you create a summer beach home look and feel. Ivories, beiges, and pale grays are versatile neutrals that pair well with almost any style and can help you create the relaxing, refreshing atmosphere you want in a room.

With neutrals as a base, you can switch up color schemes throughout the year as you want to and they’ll still work. Light, gauzy window treatments can add an airy, beachy look and feel to a room and still allow for pops of color without overwhelming things. With neutrals as a backdrop, you can easily switch out decor and other items to refresh the look for summer.

5. Bold Statement Pieces

Making a statement in your interior design is a great way to create a focal point in a room and coordinate a look. This makes bold statement pieces one of the classic interior design trends and also one of the summer decor trends for this year.

You can go big with a statement ceiling, an accent wall, a gallery wall, or a big piece of decor. You can also implement this summer decor trend on a smaller scale with smaller decor items that stand out. This allows you to experiment with some bold statement pieces in a more temporary and easily updated way.

6. Natural Elements

Even if you’re not necessarily intentionally going for biophilic design, natural elements are almost always on-trend, work with a variety of design styles, and can help you update your summer decor. Whether you’re going for a coastal, nautical, or beachy look or not, natural elements can help elevate the look and feel of any room.

Repurposed driftwood can create a coffee table, side table, bookshelf, and more. A collection of shells or a jar of sand can add a coastal look to your decor. You can also simply add some indoor plants for a natural touch. There are a ton of ways to decorate with houseplants and they tend to pair well with almost any style.

One of the summer decor trends focused on natural elements is interior gardens. These don’t necessarily need to be living walls or full indoor vertical gardens, but incorporating a few plants here and there can help you get the look. If you can grow vegetables or herbs inside, you also get the bonus of cooking with what you grow.

7. Shiny Metallics

Another popular trend continuing in 2023 is metallics. Add some glamour to your home with shiny gold accents, bright silvers, copper tones, and mature bronzes. The great part of this trend is that you can mix and match different metals to create glitz and shine, which is also one of the art deco bedroom design ideas.

Look for vases or dishware in muted bronzes. Add some gold flatware to your table. Look for opportunities to incorporate copper decor. If your home is feeling a bit dull from the winter, adding just a bit of shine and glamour will brighten up your home and add a fun vibe to your decor.

8. Boho Chic

Boho chic is once again in for the summer of 2023. It’s a great decor trend for the summer because it’s breezy and fun. Hang a guitar on the wall to bring in a musical vibe or hang a tapestry on the wall.

Boho chic is all about layering and mixing fibers and textiles, which overlaps with maximalist interior design ideas. Throw some brightly patterned throw pillows on your sofa paired with a solid darker colored blanket. You can also pick out baskets and other containers made with natural fibers. Lighter-washed wood furniture also fits well with the boho chic style, too.

9. Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is a vintage look that is sticking around in summer 2023. This look is worn-in and loved. Look for wooden furniture that is distressed and has that antique look.

You can DIY this look on your existing furniture or go to antique or estate sales to look for vintage furniture. Look for lighter wood finishes, either white or pastel. This will brighten up your home and reflect the vibe of the summer.

10. Bold Patterns

Go big and go home with your decor style this summer. This summer’s trends are leaning towards big and bold patterns, especially those with big color contrast. There are many ways to incorporate bold patterns into your home decor.

Choose a large print of a flower up close or a fun, geometric throw or pillows. If you want, find a palm tree pattern to bring in the summer theme Just make sure to avoid garish prints and patterns.

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These are just a few summer decor trends of 2023 to help inspire a new look and feel for your home. If no amount of redecorating or remodeling is making your house feel like home, consider a custom home that is built specifically to your needs instead. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 and we’ll help bring your dream home to life!