6 Tips for Decorating Tray Ceilings

June 9, 2020

Tray ceilings feature a recessed portion in the middle that is inlaid from the perimeter of the ceiling to create an attractive aesthetic and enhance the ceiling line by creating variation in depth, color, lighting, etc. Tray ceilings serve to provide a luxurious feel to the room and can become a unique focal point. This type of ceiling architecture and design provides additional décor and finishing options, which can help the interior design achieve a greater impact. Here are some tips for decorating tray ceilings to inspire you:

1. Paint it the Same Color as the Walls for a Cohesive Look

The variation in depth that is inherent to a tray ceiling is oftentimes all that is needed to create the desired aesthetic appeal. Depending on your chosen interior design style, less may be more, and painting the tray ceiling the same color as your walls can provide a cohesive and even minimalist look.

Many times, this option hits the mark and allows the tray ceiling to add something to the room without taking away from other focal points and elements of the design. Statement ceilings, like tray ceilings, are one of the consistently popular home decor trends, and painting it this way can be a great way of still making a statement without overwhelming the room.

2. Try a Darker Color Than the Walls for Something Cozier

If you wish to draw more attention to the tray ceiling, painting it a different color than the walls can accomplish just that. Painting the ceiling darker than the walls can have the effect of making a living space feel cozier. Often, the color variation does not need to be drastic, and choosing a slightly dark color within the same color palette can work well.

Other times, when the desire is to create a focal point with the ceiling, a richer color may be used. Be conscious of how the color will work with the rest of the room so that the desired effect is achieved. Although painting the ceiling a darker color can work well, it also one of the don’ts when it comes to the dos and don’ts of painted ceilings because it can come across as too heavy if it’s not done well or the ceiling is not high enough.

3. Go for a Lighter Color Than the Walls for a Subtle Enhancement

Painting the tray ceiling a lighter color than the walls in the room will still create some variation and bring additional attention to the ceiling. But, it won’t be as obvious as a darker ceiling color and it can also help to keep a room feeling brighter and more open. The type of room, its intended use, and the atmosphere you want to create in it will help you to determine which direction to go in.

4. Use Lighting Around the Perimeter

Lighting is one of the many things to consider when choosing tray ceilings in your custom home design. The right lighting around the perimeter of the tray ceiling is a great way to enhance these features.

Lights can illuminate the ceiling and help to draw additional attention to it. Perimeter lighting, like track lighting or recessed lighting, on its own dimmer switch can also be operated independently from the rest of the room, which is another great feature to consider incorporating within a tray ceiling design.

5. Opt for a Decorative Finish or a Mural

Traditional painting isn’t the only finish option for your tray ceiling. Another one of the tips for decorating tray ceilings is to opt for a decorative finish or mural. Textured plaster, metallic paints, and even a mural will all promise to turn your tray ceiling into the focal point of the room.

Talk with your custom home builder about any additional finishing options they have in mind for your tray ceiling. Finishing a ceiling in a custom and unique way is a great option for enhancing the room and, with it, your entire home. This is a unique way to get creative with the ceiling of a room and is a luxury kitchen design idea that can work well with a variety of styles.

6. Include Crown Molding

Crown molding and decorative trim options are a great way to enhance a room and its ceiling line. Tray ceilings are no exception. Consider having crown molding installed along the tray ceiling to add a luxurious element.

Crown molding gives additional structure, depth, and another option to add some color variation within the tray ceiling. Oftentimes, it is the final touch that makes a tray ceiling into something truly special. Plus, there are several crown molding ideas that work well with tray ceilings and can help you get the look you want.

Tray ceilings are one of the types of ceilings to consider for your custom home and are certainly an element of your home’s architecture that quickly enhance it and provide a custom and quality look and feel. They provide opportunities to further custom color schemes and lighting options, and other ceiling design ideas.

With these tips for decorating tray ceilings and working with your custom home builder, you can make sure it ends up exactly as you envisioned. If you would like to discuss these and the many other exciting options that Custom Home Group can incorporate into your custom home, give us a call at 717-284-4090.