7 Creative Ways to Display Art (That Aren’t Boring)

May 7, 2024

If you want to display art in your home, you may be looking for some inspiration beyond hanging it on a wall. Here are a few creative ways to display art that aren’t boring:

living room with stone fireplace1. Mix and Match Frames

If you want an eclectic touch to your art display, try mixing frames of different sizes and materials. If you don’t have any, try collecting some at antique markets or your local thrift store. You can collect them all in the same finishes like gold or silver, or a mix, which is an easy way to use gold accents in your home.

Using mismatched frames in different sizes and colors makes your collection look like it’s been accumulated over time. To add an element of cohesiveness, use the same colored mats in a neutral color, like white, cream, or black.

living room with fireplace, shelves, couch, two armchairs, and coffee table2. Use Display Shelves

Just simply placing art on shelves is a great way to add some dimension and depth to your room. Adding a shelf or two for art mixes up the room and gives it an interesting focal point.

The shelves also make a great spot for storing other things along with art. Add a plant or small memento. You can even add some books for a creative way to store books!

detail of fireplace in living room3. Take Advantage of Wasted Space

When planning art placement in a room, take stock of any wasted space. When you identify those spaces, think about displaying art there. If the wasted space is in an unexpected spot, this can be a great way to give it a function and eliminate wasted space in your home.

Make sure to pick the right size art to fit the space. If it’s a smaller space, don’t overwhelm it with a large painting or photo. And if it’s a larger space, either display a few different pieces of art or one piece that fits in the space but doesn’t overwhelm it. You could even create a gallery wall if multiple pieces of art would well in the space.

4. String Art on Twine or Clothesline

For a simple way to show off multiple smaller pieces of art, string them on twine or clothesline. You can attach photos or prints using clothespins or small clips. This method of displaying art is a bit more casual and laid-back, perfect for an office, a kid’s bedroom, or even a casual family room.

comfortable bedroom with recessed lighting5. Light it Up

If you have a specific piece you want to make the focal point of your room, consider trying a popular home lighting trend and install a sconce above it. Make sure to choose a low-watt bulb to avoid harsh lighting and give this special piece of art a nice glow.

6. Lean Frames Against the Wall

For a laid-back look, consider leaning large framed pieces against the wall, rather than hanging them on the wall. This gives your art a nonchalant feel and also gives you flexibility in frame placement. You can change pieces out more frequently or change the location of the frames.

fireplace in a great room7. Spotlight a Mantel or Fireplace

If you have a fireplace or mantel, this is already a natural focal point of the room. Bring more personality or drama to this spot with some art displayed above it. You can pick one larger piece to make a statement or group a few smaller pieces together. This is just one of the ideas for fireplace decor to try.

These are just a few creative ways to display art. If no amount of decorating or redecorating makes your current house feel like home, it may be time to think about a custom home. This way, every detail is built to fit your style and needs. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 today to start making your dream home a reality!