4 Ways to Use Gold Accents in Your Home

September 13, 2022

Gold accents can be a fun way to add a little glamour to your home decor. You can go big, or stick to understated accents. Here are a few ways to use gold accents in your home:

1. Lighting

Using gold-accented lighting is a great way to incorporate this metal into your home decor. Most lighting options come in gold finishes and add elegance to your home. You can choose to have all your lighting in gold finishes, or choose one or two statement pieces.

Pendant lights are a trendy lighting option and are a great way to introduce gold accents into your home decor style. If you want to start small, pick a lamp with a brushed gold base. This way, you can get used to gold accents, and if you decide it works for you, you can incorporate more gold lighting.

2. Home Accessories

Home accessories are a great way to bring gold accents into your home. They’re easy to slowly incorporate and change out. Things like picture frames or candles can come in gold finishes or with gold accents.

Starting small allows you to play around with using gold without the big commitment of bigger pieces. This is one of the tips for decorating with bold colors you can use to try out gold accents as well.

Use a gold-plated tray to arrange magazines and small accessories on a coffee table. Gold trays not only offer a bit of glam, but they help keep you organized, too! If you’re looking to try out a modern bedroom trend, pick end tables that have gold accents or finishes. It’ll add a bit of glamour without feeling too overwhelming.

3. Flatware and Kitchen Accessories

The right flatware and accessories are kitchen must-haves, and they can be a great way to use gold accents in your home. Gold flatware will elevate any table or dinner party! But don’t worry if you think your lifestyle is too casual for gold, gold flatware can look good in any home. For a more down-to-earth look, choose flatware with a brushed finish. It’s a much more understated look.

Kitchen accessories are also a fun way to incorporate gold; adding metallic accents like this is one of the white kitchen design ideas as well. You can find gold pots and pans, utensil holders, as well as dinnerware and glasses. Some of these can have gold accents and be very understated while others may be much more dramatic. If you want a statement piece, you can even find mixers in a gold finish!

If you have a bar area, try a gold-accented bar cart or bar accessories. A gold shaker and other barware are great ways to bring a classy feel to your cocktails. You could also add glasses with gold accents to add more glam if you want. This is a classic way to add the luxe home decor trend to your home.

4. Hardware

Gold hardware is another way to use gold in your home. You can go as big as using all gold for all the hardware, or just pick a few areas or details. You can also mix and match metals, especially if you want to try an art deco bedroom design.

Use gold hardware in your kitchen for cabinet and drawer pulls. This adds just a bit of glitz without being too overwhelming. If you want a more opulent flourish, choose a gold faucet! If you want the gold faucet, but prefer a more understated look, pick a brushed or satin finish instead of a polished finish.

These are just a few ways to use gold accents in your home. Hopefully, these ideas inspire a new look and feel for your home. However, if no amount of redecorating is making your house feel like home, consider a custom home that is built specifically to your needs instead. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!