11 Bathroom Wall Options for Your Custom Home

June 22, 2021

Designing and building a custom home means every detail is up to you. From the walls and floors to the decor and more, you get to decide what works best for you in each room. There are a ton of wall options to choose from, even in the bathroom. Here are some bathroom wall options to consider for your custom home:

1. Interior Paint

Interior paint is a straightforward bathroom wall option. Paint that is formulated for use in a bathroom has properties that inhibit mold and mildew growth.

This does make it more expensive than standard interior paint, but it’s well worth it to get the right type of paint for the area. It’s also available in such a wide variety of colors that you won’t have a problem finding the right palette for the look you want in your bathroom.

2. Tile

Tile is a versatile wall option that is available in different materials and colors. Not only is it one of the bathroom design trends, but it can also be installed to create custom designs and patterns. As long as it is installed correctly, it’s also waterproof, which makes it one of the more popular bathroom wall options, especially for wet room bathrooms.

Although it can work well when done correctly, too much tile can overwhelm a room and can create an atmosphere that comes across as too sterile. Because of this, it’s common for tile to be used as an accent wall or paired with another material for balance. This is also one of the ways to incorporate tile accents into your custom home design.

3. Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a type of trim that is applied to a wall. Although the height can vary, it tends to reach about chair-rail level on the wall. Wainscoting is traditionally a molding applied to the side of a wall that is now mostly for decoration. It also does not need to be made of traditional trim material. Tile has sometimes been used as wainscoting in bathrooms.

4. Beadboard

Beadboard is another type of trim that can add texture to your walls and is a wall option for the bathroom. You can run it up the entirety of the wall or use it as an accent that pairs with another material and goes partway up the wall. It’s a great option for protecting walls around a shower or bathtub from direct moisture.

5. Stone

Using a stone veneer on your bathroom walls or opting for stone walls or stone tiles can add a natural, rustic look and feel. It’s one of the ways to create a farmhouse master bathroom and can be a good fit for a lot of other styles as well.

There are several types of stone veneer available; some are best suited to exterior use while others can be a good fit for a bathroom wall. Plus, it’s a waterproof wall option and can create a high-end look or a relaxing atmosphere.

6. Brick

Brick is another bathroom wall option that can add a rustic, natural look and feel to the room, or even help create a vintage bathroom design. You can also mix materials for a unique look. Brick and wood go well together and stone and brick veneer is a popular combination for walls.

7. Glass

Glass walls can make a space feel more open and give it a modern, futuristic look. Glass is also waterproof, which makes it a good fit for bathroom walls. It’s a popular material for shower walls and around bathtubs, but you can also use it for your entire bathroom. Another option is to choose glass tiles and combine materials for an interesting look that still provides some privacy.

8. Pallet

You can repurpose pallets in a variety of ways and include them in your home decor. Pallet boards can also be finished, sealed, and used on a wall. This also makes them one of the bathroom wall options that can help you add a natural element to your bathroom design and create a unique look. This type of repurposing materials is one of the most popular eco-friendly design trends.

10. Acrylic Wall Panels

Acrylic wall panels are waterproof and are a bathroom wall option for tub or shower surrounds. Although they are available in a variety of colors and styles, they tend to be off-white or white. They tend to be less popular in custom homes because they tend to offer less design flexibility and customization options than other materials.

11. Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper or single-sheet plastic is another bathroom wall option. It often features patterns and tends to be easy to install. Also, it can be taken off and reapplied more than once.

However, not all vinyl wallpaper is made to withstand moisture. Because of this and the availability of more durable, more popular materials, this tends to be one of the less common bathroom wall options for custom homes.

These are just a few of the bathroom wall options to consider for your custom home. There are a lot of options and details to consider and it can be overwhelming to try and handle it alone. Instead, partner with a custom home builder with an in-house design/build process.

They’ll help you narrow down the options and handle the details to keep your custom home journey an enjoyable one. If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!