7 Modern Victorian Decor Ideas

March 14, 2023

If you’re looking to add a dramatic flair to your home, embracing modern Victorian decor is a great way to go. Modern Victorian decor is a fusion of dramatic Victorian characteristics and contemporary design. The modern elements help to tone down the dramatic Victorian decor, while the Victorian style helps breathe life into contemporary decor. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few modern Victorian decor ideas:

1. Add Bold Accessories

Victorian decor is all about excess. In the Victorian era, people went above and beyond to fill every nook and cranny with decor. But with modern Victorian decor, you can meet in the middle and take some inspiration from maximalist interior design at the same time.

Curate your favorite accessories into one area. The mismatched collection will feel a little eclectic but will still have some cohesion. You can also incorporate wrought iron into your home design. Intricate wrought iron accessories and details can enhance staircase railings, patio furniture, garden fences, door knockers, kitchen cabinet hardware, and more.

2. Use Plenty of Wallpaper

Nothing says Victorian decor like some wallpaper and many current wallpaper trends can help you get the look you want. Victorians relied heavily on patterned wallpaper all throughout their home. Modern Victorian decor has brought back such prints like florals and medallions, while a more contemporary color palette refreshes these patterns. You can use wallpaper as an accent wall, cover all the walls, or even use it on the ceiling for an interesting ceiling design idea.

Wallpapering is a popular modern bedroom design idea, so this is an easy way to introduce some modern Victorian decor into your home. To take advantage of this Victorian trend, be sure to pair your wallpaper with simple and fresh accessories. Keep furniture or bed linens muted or plain, allowing the wallpaper to shine on its own.

3. Incorporate Antiques

Now is the perfect time for showcasing old family antiques that have been gathering dust in your attic or garage. Incorporating antiques into your decor is one of the gothic home decor ideas that goes well with several other styles too.

Display old family china in a Victorian-inspired cabinet for an antique flair. Use old serving bowls or vases as display pieces and also for storing small knick-knacks. This allows you to display family history while staying organized and neat. Ornate details like these are Italianate design ideas that overlap with Victorian decor that you can use to create the look you want.

Pick up some old dishes at a thrift store or antique shop if you don’t have family heirlooms. You can also check out these shops for classic furniture and other items. There are a lot of things you can do when decorating with vintage furniture.

4. Find a Showstopper Piece

Victorian decor is usually ornate and over the top. This characteristic makes vintage pieces a true showstopper in modern settings. If you want some drama in your home, find a showstopping piece, like an ornate chandelier. This is a formal living room idea that can elevate the room and maintain a sense of elegance without being boring.

It’s also an idea that can apply to other rooms where a chandelier can make sense as a lighting option. Once your statement piece is selected and you’ve found the right place for it, start layering other elements around it. Be sure these elements match the theme of the statement piece but don’t overwhelm it or detract from it.

5. Embrace Florals

Floral patterns are big in Victorian decor. Embrace this pattern not only in wallpaper, but in photo or mirror frames, details on furniture, or even in different types of trim. Since botanical patterns are still just as popular as they were in Victorian times, it’s an easy way to modernize this type of decor.

6. Choose a Pedestal Sink

If you want to bring some modern Victorian decor ideas into a bathroom, look no further than installing a square pedestal sink. For an even more Victorian look, find a sink with ridge edges.

Make sure to choose the right faucet, too. Look for double-handed faucets and ornate details. For a stunning piece, go for a bronze, pewter, or gold furnish. Choosing a gold finish on your sinks is an easy way to use gold accessories in your home.

7. Allude to the Victorian Era

Sometimes it’s enough to simply pay homage to the Victorian decor in a simplistic way. For example, clawfoot tubs are a popular type of bathtub to consider for your home and are often associated with the Victorian era.

But if you want to keep it more modern, choose a light gray finish. Pairing this color with such a classic staple effortlessly blends old and new. This is truly modern Victorian decor at its best.

These are just a few modern Victorian decor ideas to inspire you. If your current home just isn’t cutting it no matter how much you remodel, consider investing in a custom home that is designed and built to your style and needs. If you’re ready to start bringing your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!