9 Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Consider For Your Custom Home

December 21, 2023

Bathrooms are some of the most used rooms in a home. It’s important for them to be designed well and lit well. Lighting makes a big difference in any room, especially in the bathroom. And, what you do with the mirrors can affect the overall atmosphere you create through the design of the mirror as well as the placement, size, and how it reflects light. Here are a few bathroom mirror ideas to inspire you:

master bathroom

1. Extend the Mirror Across the Vanity

There are a lot of double vanity bathroom ideas to think about if you will have a double or continuous vanity in your bathroom. Instead of separate mirrors over each sink, you could choose to go with a single mirror that extends the width of the vanity. This does mean you’ll sacrifice some wall space, but can make sense in the right situation and right bathroom design.

2. Make the Mirror a Wall

In addition to extending the mirror across the entire width of the vanity, you can also extend it up and/or down to take up even more of the wall. You’ll need to be okay with losing that wall space and make adjustments for lighting, but this is a way to get a large reflective surface if you need it in a way that makes the mirror stand out.

vanity in master bathroom3. Play With Shapes

Using shapes to your advantage is one of the bathroom design trends that you can use in a variety of ways. Mirrors can become focal points in your bathroom design or they can be functional decor that enhances the overall design. They are also a great way to play with shapes in your bathroom.

Although bathroom mirrors traditionally fall into square, rectangle, and oval shapes, you can play around with different sizes, configurations, and frames for these to add a modern twist. You can also try new shapes like round, circular mirrors, hexagonal shapes, or something else.

You can even opt for a custom configuration if you have an idea and can’t find exactly what you want. Integrating mirrors into the design of a bathroom like this is one of the popular bathroom design ideas.

arched doorway into bathroom4. Get Creative With the Frames

In addition to shapes, you can also get creative with your mirror frames. This is one of the home decor tips for using mirrors that you can put to good use to help elevate the look and feel of your bathroom.

Depending on the bathroom design theme and whether you want the mirrors to be subtle or focal points, you can go with simple frames in interesting materials or ornate frames that stand out and attract attention. This can be a great way to add copper decor, play with brass, incorporate wrought iron, implement a unique tile pattern, or try out another material.

5. Integrate Lighting

When you think about your bathroom mirrors, you also have to think about lighting. Traditional vanities with mirrors usually have some lighting installed nearby; usually along the top and sometimes along the sides. A modern option is to integrate lighting into your mirror.

You can still have lighting sources above and to the sides, including recessed lighting, and you can have lighting that is built into the mirror, behind the mirror, or into the frame. This can help you get light where you want it and when. It’s invaluable in any bathroom design and especially as a windowless bathroom idea if you find that one of your bathrooms will be lacking in natural light sources.

Usually, you have the option to dim or adjust lighting levels or even change the color of the light. This smart home technology for your bathroom can also usually be controlled via smartphone or other smart home devices. This adds flexibility and layers to your lighting and allows you to easily adjust to exactly what you need in the moment.

6. Extend Mirrors Lower For Accessibility

Accessible and aging-in-place home design is becoming more and more popular. Some things to consider for more accessible bathrooms are installing lower sinks, opting for vessel sinks or leaving the area under the sink open for wheelchair access, and extending the mirror lower so that they are accessible at wheelchair height.

Considerations like this plus levers, grab handles, and height considerations in other areas are all tips for age-in-place bathroom design. The bonus is that these improvements often increase the overall accessibility of a bathroom design.

7. Mix and/or Match Materials

dual vanity in master bathroom

If you’re opting for a vanity that is separate from your bathroom mirror instead of a single unit, you have a lot of options for subtle customizations. Some bathroom mirror ideas are to play around with matching and symmetry, mix and match materials, or creatively combine both.

Matching your mirror frame to the color and/or material of your vanity can create a seamless look that just fits. You can also match your mirror frame with your bathroom knobs, handles, and fixtures. This is one of the chrome interior design ideas that can work well with several materials. You can also switch things up and pick different materials to add contrast while still complementing other features.

8. Think About How You Hang the Mirror

Traditional mirror clips or mounting can ensure the focus stays on the mirror or the frame. If you want an interesting aesthetic touch, you can explore other ways to hang a mirror. Using a rope or cord that is rated to safely bear the weight of your bathroom mirror can add a touch of nautical bathroom decor or help enhance a farmhouse or rustic look.

You can opt for a chain or some sort of metal for a vintage, Victorian, modern, or industrial look. You can even secure your mirror in hidden ways and then add decor to create a floating illusion or some other type of illusion that adds an interesting touch to your bathroom design. This can be a useful trick for uncommon placement, like in a corner.

9. Include Some Storage

Another one of the popular bathroom mirror ideas is to include some storage. Mirrored cabinets that slide open or open on a hinge are common options. And, because they have been a staple in bathroom design for so long, there are now so many different options and configurations available that put a new twist on the traditional mirrored cabinet bathroom storage solutions.

You can also opt to extend these to full-length medicine cabinets or even install some along the sides of your main mirror instead of making them the mirror themselves. It’s also becoming more popular to just install a shelf below a mirror or into the bottom of a mirror.

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Getting the mirrors right can help create a timeless bathroom design. These are just a few bathroom mirror ideas to inspire you as you think about the bathroom designs for your custom home. Working with an experienced custom home builder with an in-house design/build process can help ensure you get the home you want with a design that suits your needs. If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!