8 Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas

September 14, 2023

When designing your dream home, there are so many different designs to choose from. Farmhouses are a traditional and popular home design trend but landscaping can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are a few farmhouse landscaping ideas to try.

1. Incorporate Herbs and Vegetables

Farmhouses are often a popular architectural design for custom homes because they are practical and useful. Adding a vegetable and herb garden perfectly fits in with that practicality. vegetables and herbs are not only useful but they can be pretty and decorative, too.

It can be overwhelming knowing how to start a backyard garden but with some planning, it’s a fun and rewarding project. Remember, your garden should be a sunny spot that also drains well. Choose to grow vegetables and herbs you love so you will actually use what you grow.

2. Use Natural Materials

White it may seem easier and cheaper to work with plastics or rubber materials, farmhouse styles are centered around natural materials. Focus on incorporating wood, rock, and other rustic materials in your landscaping.

3. Follow a Muted Color Palette

Traditionally, flowers and other plants have accentuated farmhouse design. They also help to soften the harsh exterior of the farmhouse. To keep with this line of thinking, choose flowers with a muted color scheme. Pick softer shades of pink, blue, purple, and yellow.

A more subdued color palette won’t distract from the architecture of the farmhouse design. Plus, using fresh flowers is one of the spring farmhouse decor ideas. With your own supply, you can have a lot of fun and get creative or sit back, relax, and just enjoy your flowers.

4. Keep Things Simple

Farmhouse design is often fairly simple. Don’t overpower your home with extravagant landscaping. You want to enjoy the outdoors without putting hours of work into it every week.

Keep your landscaping uncluttered and fairly minimal. Choose just enough plants and flowers to add to your home but not overpower it. And try to avoid adding too much decor. Too many decorations can overwhelm your home and is one of the most common landscaping mistakes to avoid.

5. Have Plenty of Outdoor Living Spaces

Farmhouses typically integrate peaceful and relaxing spaces into their outdoor design. Don’t neglect adding spaces dedicated to outdoor living to your farmhouse landscaping. Stamped concrete patios are a great option for an outdoor space.

A porch swing on a big porch is always a popular choice, as well as a big patio in the backyard. Focusing on comfort is just one of the tips for creating incredible outdoor living spaces. Fire pits are also a great addition to any outdoor living space.

And if you want to dine outdoors, you can always add an outdoor kitchen to your backyard landscaping design. Some things to consider for your outdoor kitchen design include making sure it fits with the rest of your backyard design and figuring out the purpose of the space.

6. Pick the Right Fencing

If you want or need fencing for your yard, be sure you pick the right kind. Farmhouses are a classic design, so choose something equally classic. A white picket fence is always a good match for farmhouses, as well as post and rail fences.

If you choose to have a garden, you may want a fence to keep out unwanted visitors. If you want your fence to fit in with the rest of your landscaping, there are a few options of styles to consider. Metal, plain wood, or even rope fencing are just a few great garden fence ideas to enhance your landscaping.

7. Add Pathways

Pathways are a type of hardscaping that add some interest and focal points to your landscaping. These paths add some functionality but also add a touch of the countryside to your yard. They help bring various parts of your yard together and make it easier to travel around the yard.

Using gravel or another crushed stone can be an easy way to create these pathways. If you prefer a more elevated look, you can also have a poured concrete or stone walkway. From these options to pavers and more, there are several walkway options for your custom home to help you get the look and function you want.

8. Stick to Local Flora and Fauna

Another one of the farmhouse landscaping ideas is to include plenty of plants and natural structures. To keep things feeling more natural, be sure to use plants that are local to your area. Not only does this help you avoid invasive plants and other plants to never grow in your yard, but it also helps you pick plants that are built to survive in your environment. This will help plants thrive and make your home blend into the environment more, creating a seamless home and landscape this way.

These are just a few farmhouse landscaping ideas. If you are planning on designing a farmhouse, these are some ideas to keep in mind. If you’re ready to get started on your dream home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!