7 Spring Farmhouse Decor Ideas

April 21, 2020

Farmhouse is a great interior design style. The look and feel are often simple, rustic, and clean and it creates a warm, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere. With any interior design theme, you can switch up the decor for the season to freshen up a room. Here are some spring farmhouse decor ideas to inspire you:

1. Add a Touch of Spring With Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers, pampas grass, and other plants can be a classic spring addition to any room of your home. A mason jar or urn filled with spring flowers can be placed on a side table in your entryway, on a mantel or a shelf, in the kitchen, or on the dining room table as part of a centerpiece.

A small bunch of spring flowers can also be used to add a little spring farmhouse decor and a touch of nature to a bathroom. You can even use clover to also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. If you suffer from allergies, you can also use faux flowers and greenery to get the look you want. You won’t need to worry about pollen, replacing wilted blooms, or watering them.

2. Decorate the Fireplace

Between the mantel and the hearth, there are a lot of ways you can decorate your fireplace for spring. If it’s been warm enough that you’re able to shut your fireplace down for the season, you can even use the interior of your fireplace for some spring and summer farmhouse decor.

When you don’t need to worry about fire and heat, you can drape pennants and other hangings off the mantel. It could be some faux vines or greenery, a wooden sign, some pennants with a message, or just an elegant runner. Wicker baskets can add a little rustic spring touch to the hearth while also adding a little bit of storage. You can really get creative with your fireplace decor and freshen up the look and feel for spring.

3. Update Your Table Linens

Cozy linens in soft pastels or neutrals can add a touch of spring farmhouse decor to your table. A table runner in a solid neutral, one that is patterned, or one that is textured can add a fresh look to the entire room. You can add more to the look with matching or complementary napkins, placements, and more.

4. Brighten Up Rooms With Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and can be used to brighten up a room. If they are in rustic, natural frames, they can also add a touch of farmhouse decor. By incorporating mirrors into your spring farmhouse decor, you can add light and a fresh look to an entryway, a living room, and more. Just make sure they’re positioned so they can catch and reflect natural light – this is one the important home decor tips for using mirrors.

5. Put Open Shelves to Work

Take into account where you have open shelving in your home and think about how you can use it to enhance your spring farmhouse decor. Open shelving in the kitchen can be the perfect place to display cheery, bright plates, platters, and more to brighten up the room. Depending on where the shelves are located and the space available, you could create an homage to plants or grow your own herbs and spices for your own tiny indoor greenhouse.

6. Switch up Your Artwork

The artwork and photos you hang on your walls can be easily updated for the seasons. Consider switching these up for the spring. Festive wall hangings and tapestries with a rustic and vintage feel can be a great addition to your spring farmhouse decor. Changing photos to those that feature spring-themed scenes can add a subtle touch of spring to your home.

7. See Where You Can Add Pops of Color

Bright, vibrant colors in accessories can beautifully complement the rest of the decor in your home while also giving the room a refreshing look and feel. Take a look around some of the rooms in your home and see where you can a pop of color through accessories.

You can switch out lamp bases to something more vibrant. You can also add pillows, throw blankets, and more temporary accessories in bright hues to bring a little spring into the room after a dreary winter. In the kitchen and other areas, you can do something similar with colorful glassware.

These are just a few spring farmhouse decor ideas to inspire you. If no amount of redecorating makes your current house feel like home, it may be time to consider a custom home. With a custom home, each detail is designed and built to your needs and tastes, which means you get the home you’ve always wanted. If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!