10 Popular Architectural Designs for Your Custom Home

January 25, 2023

When looking for a dream home come true, it’s hard to beat custom homes. A custom home is ideal because you get a home that is designed and built to suit your unique needs and tastes. There are a lot of options available. Here are some popular architectural designs for your custom home to inspire you as you think about yours:

10 Popular Architectural Styles for Custom Homes

Many styles have remained popular throughout the evolution of custom home architecture and have evolved into new and exciting styles. Custom home builders make it possible for aspiring homeowners to get their desired home design, no matter the style. Here are a few popular architectural styles to consider for your custom home design:

1. Farmhouse

This is a home design that dates to the early 17th century when agriculture was the main source of livelihood. A house was built on agricultural lands hence the name farmhouse. Homeowners in the modern world are opting for this architectural design for custom homes since it is not only classic but also timeless and unique with plenty of flexibility for farmhouse design elements and farmhouse landscaping ideas.

The main design features for a farmhouse include an outdoor porch and the use of wood as building materials with exteriors reinforced with clapboards. Additionally, simple square columns and flat boards are used on the interior. It is also common to find colorful patterns, which are classic farmhouse decor that helps provide the desired rustic look.

Farmhouse can also be paired with other styles to create interesting farmhouse styles and architectural styles. Combining the classic rustic farmhouse with contemporary and industrial styles results in a modern farmhouse look. Opting for carriage house garage doors, combining black, white, and natural wood, mixing crisp lines and rustic textures, and more are all modern farmhouse exterior design ideas.

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2. Ranch

A ranch-style home is also called a rambler and is one of the popular custom homes due to its less-formal style. It is a single-story horizontal house that features long and low roofing. It also comes with a simple and open layout. The house can be U-shaped, rectangular, or L-shaped.

Ranch homes became popular in the 1950s when land was cheap and there was a massive emergence of suburbs. Present ranch homes have cathedral ceilings with varying rooflines. The basic premise of one-story design has however remained unchanged. Classic ranch architecture design ideas are timeless and can often be combined seamlessly with elements of other styles.

3. Mediterranean

This design gives a unique touch to your home. It is inspired by many cultures across Italy and Spain, and these influences can be seen in its small geometric details and decorations. The design is common in Southern California as it gives modern houses the charm of tropical getaways.

This design was initially popular among the wealthy since it brought a coastal vibe to the resorts in Florida and California. Since then, residential neighborhoods have adopted Mediterranean architectural designs for homes. Archways, Mediterranean backsplashes, and warm colors and textures are Spanish-style kitchen design ideas that often show up in Mediterranean-style home design.

It is loved by many since it gives a resort-style touch to the home. The rectangular open-concept floor plan also makes it easy to navigate. Not only does this blend well with the overall design of the home, but it also gives you the flexibility to define spaces in an open-concept floor plan in a variety of ways to best suit your needs.

4. Modern

Modern home design can include a lot of things as it continues to evolve, but it is also a timeless design in the context of the historical modernism movement. The design was born during the first half of the 20th century. This was immediately after the end of the Second World War, during a time when custom home architecture entered more experimental stages.

The aim of modern house design is to make architecture more functional and still retain the simplicity of the home. Its popular feature is the open floor plan with a minimalistic and interesting interior design. You can also take vintage, retro, or older elements, give them a modern twist, and include them in a modern design. The rising popularity of modern sunken living rooms is an example of this.

exterior of modern custom home

5. Prairie

These architectural custom homes are common in the Midwest. The main motivation behind prairie-style homes was the need to design and build a house that was practical in all aspects without being too flashy.

Some of the key highlights of a prairie house include built-in furniture and an open floor plan that connects the indoor and outdoor space. The roofing is long and flat, complemented by rows of windows, organic patterns, and horizontal lines. The house is made of natural materials such as wood, stucco, or brick.

6. Craftsman

Craftsman-style design dates to the early 20th century, gaining massive popularity in 1905 and the 1930s. It has had a surprising comeback over the last few years, making it one of the popular architectural designs of custom homes today.

This style emphasizes the use of wood in the interior. Seats, shelves, and most interior components and décor are made of wood. As for the exterior, the roofs are low-pitched and have wide eave overhangs. Other features also tend to include roof rafters, braces under gables, decorated beams, and tapered square columns on the exterior.

7. Colonial

Colonial home design dates back to the early 17th century when European settlers brought along their home country’s architectural designs. Examples of such designs or styles include Spanish Colonial, French Colonial, and Dutch Colonial.

The colonial architectural style varies widely from region to region, with some made of wood, and others of brick or stone. However, signature features include a central chimney, a two-story design, a symmetrical design, and a staircase as the center of attention. These are also Colonial-Revival architectural design ideas

Making the staircase a focal point is one of the ways to create an elegant entryway. Although a central staircase can be a feature in several current home design styles, it does have roots in historical styles like colonial.

8. Victorian

Victorian is a sophisticated design. The emphasis in victorian-style homes was often more on aesthetics and not as much on functionality. It was popular in 1830 and remained so until around 1910. Victorian home designs feature intricate details, inside and out, and are usually two-story by design.

Expansive and elaborate porches, steep roof pitches, and magnificent towers and turrets are all exterior design elements common to the Victorian style. Incorporating wrought iron into your custom home design, especially in creative and intricate designs, is one small way to add a little victorian influence and elegance.

custom home with stone veneer and tower

9. Cape Cod

Cape Cod-style homes started showing up around 1675. It was created by colonialists, with the main motivator being the need to counter the stormy weather common to the Northeast.

These are typically one-story houses. Classic Cape Cod architecture features a steep roofline, multi-pane windows, and wood siding. The floor is also usually hardwood.

10. Tudor

This style of home design derives its name from the Tudor Dynasty of the 16th century in England. It is often described as a reinvention of earlier designs.

A Tudor-style home design can feature prominent cross gables, steep pitched roofs, tall and narrow windows with tiny window panes, and half-timbering with decoration.

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There are several popular architectural designs for your custom home to choose from. And, beyond that, you can combine styles for a home design that is truly yours. There are tons of custom home design ideas to inspire you. Your options are practically endless and are only limited by your imagination, building codes and regulations, and your budget.

Custom home styles allow you to finally get the architectural design that meets your needs and those of your family. Then, all you have to do is take care of property maintenance and enjoy living in your dream home.

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