6 Rustic Garden Design Ideas

June 10, 2021

When you are planning a garden or planning to overhaul or expand your garden, going with an overall theme can help you design a garden that works well with your home and your yard. If you’re thinking about a more rustic look, here are a few rustic garden design ideas to inspire you:

1. Get Creative With Your Planters

Planters, hanging baskets, and other containers can all help you design a garden that works for you. Plus, you can display and grow plants in interesting ways. There are a ton of ideas for a new planter you can use to add a rustic look and feel to your garden.

You can turn a rustic log or a vintage bicycle into a planter for a few plants. You can also repurpose an old dresser, wooden drawers, wooden or metal chairs, and more into planters or containers for your garden.

Another option for an instant rustic look is to repurpose pallets as walls for a raised garden bed, as a vertical planter for several plants, or in other ways to add some structure to your garden design.

2. Include a Chicken Coop

If you like eggs, want to care for some chickens, and are permitted to have a few of them, a chicken coop can add a lot of benefits to your garden. Not only does the coop itself add a rustic look and feel to your home, but the chickens provide fresh eggs in addition to pest control for your garden. They tend to eat beetles, caterpillars, and other insects that would otherwise damage your flowers or vegetables.

3. Make a Garden Path

A simple garden path is one of the rustic garden design ideas that can immediately give your garden a more rustic look and feel. You can leave the pathway as dirt or as grass. You can also take it a step further and use stones, wood, and even log slices to create a garden path with a unique look. Plus, using natural materials as decor in your garden is consistently one of the top garden trends, so there are plenty of options to choose from that will look great.

4. Add a Wagon

A wagon is a classic country element that can add a rustic look to your garden. You can turn a wagon or a wagon wheel into a planter or you can just add them to your garden as decorations. Wheelbarrows and other vintage farm tools or implements can also help you get the look and add some rustic elements to your garden design.

5. Consider an Arbor or a Trellis

Arbors and trellises are common types of backyard structures that can add some structure to your garden. Not only do these structures help you create structure, boundaries, and pathways for your garden, but they also add a unique design element.

Plus, you can opt for something like natural wood or vintage metal to help create a more rustic look. If you’re thinking of including a gazebo, you could create a pathway to it with an arbor or a trellis at the entrance.

6. Put in a Garden Fence

In addition to pathways, planters, containers, and more, you can also add a rustic element to your garden by putting in a garden fence. Wicker is a natural, flexible material that can be used to create a small garden fence around your plants or to define a walkway. You can also repurpose pallets, wood, metal, rope, and other garden fence ideas to add a fence to your garden and get the rustic look you want.

Gardens are just one of many custom home landscaping ideas that can increase the curb appeal of your home, improve your backyard, and more. These rustic garden design ideas can help inspire you as you think about the type of garden you want or elements you want to add to your garden.