11 Wallpaper Trends of 2024 to Consider For Your Custom Home

January 16, 2024

Interior design trends come and go, rise and fall in popularity, and evolve. Wallpaper is on the upswing again and has been popping up more often in a variety of ways. Whether big or small, a whole room or an accent, here are some wallpaper trends to consider for your custom home:

ktichen with small floral wallpaper accent1. Use Wallpaper as an Accent Wall

If you’re interested in exploring wallpaper options in a room, but don’t necessarily want to go all in, using it as an accent wall is a great approach. Wallpaper is one of the kitchen accent wall ideas that works well in a variety of other rooms and ways.

This approach allows you to play around and get creative with different colors, patterns, textures, and more without overwhelming a room. Starting small and going for accents like this are tips for decorating with bold colors that also allow you to explore wallpaper as an element to enhance the overall look and feel of a room instead of it being a bigger focal point.

staircase2. Highlight a Staircase Landing With Wallpaper

Often overlooked, staircase landings offer many opportunities for design and decor. One of the staircase landing ideas is to use wallpaper as an accent to highlight the stair landing and potentially, also the wall of the stairs leading to and from it.

Depending on your wallpaper choices and the overall design of a landing, wallpaper can be used to highlight, brighten, subtly enhance, make a statement, etc. Similarly to other accent wall ideas and design accents in other rooms, you can also play around with designs, colors, and textures in the wallpaper you choose.

patterned wallpaper on ceiling3. Play Around With Patterns

With wallpaper experiencing a surge in popularity, there are so many patterns available. So, you’re bound to find options for the look you want, no matter what style you are trying to create in your home. You could find wallpaper featuring animal prints or even designs from your favorite artists or based on their work. Artistic patterns and the transition of wall art into wallpaper are some wallpaper trends.

With so many options, there is also a lot of flexibility for different ideas and styles within specific categories or types of patterns. For example, using wallpaper featuring flowers or floral patterns is one of the Mediterranean bedroom ideas that can work well in other styles. Floral patterns tend to pop up in a variety of interior design themes. Different styles of floral patterns work better with some styles than others and can help you create the overall atmosphere you want.

bench with built-in storage cubes in mudroom with wallpaper accent wall4. Get Creative With Colors

Getting creative is one of the trends in interior paint colors that bleed over into wallpaper trends. Especially when used as an accent, you have a lot of flexibility to get creative with bold colors and color combinations without overwhelming a room.

You can even play around with metallics. Metallic copper wallpaper is a popular option within the realm of metallics and is a way to add copper decor to your home. It can also help add a touch of elegance and warmth to a room depending on the tone and the rest of the interior design choices.

You can also balance colors and patterns to create an interesting look, particularly if you want the wallpaper to be a focal point that makes a statement in the room. Approaching wallpaper accents in this way is one of the bedroom design trends that can work well in a variety of rooms.

5. Experiment With Textures

Adding texture to your walls can be done with colors, patterns, combinations of decor, trim options, and more. Wallpaper with an interesting design can add visual texture to your walls. With the popularity of wallpaper and advances in manufacturing, you can also add subtle 3D effects and physical texture to your walls with textured wallpaper.

The texture is usually subtle, but still enough to be seen and felt. Experimenting with wallpaper and texture in this way is one of the home decor trends and it can elevate the overall design of a room in an interesting way.

home office6. Put it on the Ceiling

Making a statement in your design and decor and statement ceilings are popular interior design trends. In addition to different types of ceilings, variations in structural design, molding, and more, there are plenty of options to make your ceiling stand out. You can even use wallpaper!

Putting wallpaper on the ceiling to add color or an interesting design to it is one of the wallpaper trends. It’s also one of the ceiling design ideas to consider, especially if you are opting for something like a tray ceiling that is particularly well suited for design choices like this.

7. Make it a Mural

In addition to playing with patterns and colors and experimenting with textures, one of the wallpaper trends is to make it a mural. It’s almost like a transition or transformation of wall art into wallpaper in some cases. In others, the wallpaper is a mural that features natural landscapes.

This can be done with a wallpaper pattern designed to look like a mural or by combining different patterns, colors, and textures and using different wallpaper to create a layered design. Or, it can be done using wallpaper that is designed to look like an artistic mural and specifically, artist-designed wallpaper.

In some cases, you may even find that your favorite artist has moved into a new medium and created wallpaper designs. You can also find artists who can create a wallpaper mural design on commission. Regardless of how you get there, the goal is to get a mural look and feel and to make your wallpaper an artistic feature.

wallpaper accent wall in powder room8. Use it in the Bathroom

Wallpaper isn’t usually recommended for high-moisture or high-humidity environments, but there are some that can work well in the bathroom. Wallpaper is a bathroom wall option that is becoming more popular and is one of the wallpaper trends.

It’s also a bathroom design trend, especially when used as an accent wall or subtler, smaller accents. It does matter what you use, where you use it, and how, but wallpaper can be an option in this area. This is especially true for larger bathrooms where you can have more air flow and space between high-moisture areas and where you are using wallpaper.

vase of flowers on fireplace mantel with wallpaper accent9. Create Borders With Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used as an accent wall or to highlight areas and it can also be used to create borders around structural features you want to highlight. Wallpaper can be used in place of horizontal wall trim to create a border around the room or in addition to it to subtly enhance it and make the walls more interesting.

You can also create a narrow border around doors, windows, or other features with wallpaper. Not only does this subtly highlight the feature itself, but it can also elevate the other style choices you make. And, because it’s usually a narrower strip, you can play around with colors or designs even if those patterns may be more limited than if you were covering an entire wall.

10. Add an Interactive Element

Another one of the wallpaper trends is to make it more interactive. Wallpaper murals with peel-and-stick elements or fabric wall stickers that can be moved without damaging the wall are gaining popularity.

Usually, these are straightforward backgrounds where the decorative elements can be moved. A kid’s bedroom idea or idea for a playroom is to have a wallpaper nature landscape with animal-themed fabric wall stickers that they can move and decorate with you.

You can also take this interactive approach and make it more functional in a study room or home office or in a craft room setting. It would be slightly more permanent than a corkboard, whiteboard, or chalkboard, but it is a new and interesting take on it with a lot of possibilities.

detail of wallpaper accent, trim, and wall sconce11. Surprise and Delight With Wallpaper in Unexpected Places

Accent walls are big in wallpaper trends and so is going smaller and subtler the accents. Instead of using wallpaper in obvious places, one of the wallpaper trends is to go smaller and use it in unexpected places that you might not notice right away. This is particularly true with a “surprise-and-delight” kind of approach.

Fun and interesting wallpaper along the interior of cabinets and shelves are one way to incorporate this trend. If you have open shelving, this can give the wallpaper a chance to be seen more regularly and support the rest of the room decor and design. It can still work with other kitchen cabinet styles, cabinets, shelves, and furniture. In these cases, the wallpaper might not be noticed until a cabinet door is opened.

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