5 Rustic Coastal Design Ideas

November 7, 2019

If you are building a new dream home near water, you may wish to incorporate a nautical feel to your home. In other cases, you may have a special affinity for the water or a beach environment and wish to bring that look and feel to your new home, regardless of the geographic location. If you fall into either category, a rustic coastal design may be the right choice for your new home. Here are a few rustic coastal design ideas to inspire you:

What is Rustic Coastal Design?

Rustic coastal design is a type of décor that integrates certain features and elements into the home to provide a specific nautical aesthetic. The use of distressed wood and other natural materials, along with color schemes that coordinate with a nautical theme, are key elements to a rustic coastal design style. In addition, an important element of rustic coastal design is that it is accented by decorations that enhance the theme of the home.

5 Rustic Coastal Design Ideas

Here are a few rustic coastal design ideas and elements that you may want to incorporate into your new home:

1. Blend Natural Textures

A good way to approach rustic coastal décor and design is to think about the things that you see around coastal communities and focus on blending those natural textures. Not only should you be thinking about specific items, but you should also take into consideration the materials themselves.

This decor theme is notorious for natural textures and uses them in a variety of areas and ways to create that rustic coastal look and feel. You can also blend styles for a coastal farmhouse look. This is one of the popular types of farmhouse styles that can still bring in that beachy, coastal atmosphere.

A great rustic coastal design idea is to use linens that provide a similar texture or look to a boat’s sail for window drapes, cushion covers, table covers or runners, and other applications where fabrics are needed Consider using more tropical types of woods, such as bamboo when choosing decorations. Wicker furniture with linen-covered cushions is also a great choice for rustic coastal homes, especially in sunrooms or enclosed patios.

Stay away from using wood that looks too finished or stained and give preference to more weathered, distressed, or reclaimed wood. This could come in the form of accenting a wall with weathered shutters that have been distressed to give the effect of peeling or chipped paint. Driftwood that is used within furniture pieces such as glass coffee tables can also add a nice accent to a common area.

2. Keep Colors Light and Neutral

The color scheme in your new rustic coastal-themed home is important. You should avoid bold colors and lean towards lighter and more neutral colors. Exceptions to this are colors like ocean or navy blues.

Although those colors are darker, they can be integral in completing a nautical or coastal look. Colors in the blue, yellow, and green families are great choices for this type of décor. Again, think about the colors that are most often seen around the water, and give preference to those.

3. Add Fresh Greenery

Consider adding some greenery to your rustic coastal home. The addition of greenery can make the home look bright and inviting and can help enhance your coastal look. Using large leafy plants with a balance of ornamental or coastal grasses can provide a good mix of vegetation.

The juxtaposition of vibrant greenery against distressed wood paneling or other reclaimed features will provide a beautiful accent to each room in the home. In addition, a feature of most rustic coastal homes is an abundance of natural light, so they lend themselves to growing indoor plants quite well.

4. Incorporate Glass Decor

If you are designing your new home with a rustic coastal theme, keep in mind that you will want to be sure to use plenty of glass décor. This can come in the form of clear glass vases for greenery or a decorative glass bowl to hold colored stones or seashells. A glass coffee table is another good choice and a driftwood base can provide a nice touch to these pieces of furniture.

Sea glass can also be used to accent rooms in a rustic coastal home. The blue and turquoise coloring of this glass can be incorporated nicely into the broader color scheme. You may find that many items are available that have sea glass used in some part of them such as lampshades, chandeliers, light fixtures, or even vases. Incorporating opaque blue and green tiling in a bathroom that has other sea glass decorations can tie the room together nicely.

5. Add Nautical Elements

Rustic coastal and nautical design tend to overlap. As such, adding some nautical interior design ideas can also help you create a rustic coastal look in a room. To keep the nautical theme consistent throughout the home while managing to avoid repetition, let your imagination run a little wild when thinking about other accent pieces and materials to use in the interior design of your new rustic coastal home.

Consider how you might creatively use things like anchor rope in your design. Items, such as oceanic paintings and pictures, can be displayed on the walls in order to support your overall design theme. Look for other types of nautical items, either authentic or recreations, such as old anchors or buoys. Other items may be able to be incorporated into the design in such a way as to provide some functionality like using a boat cleat as a handle to a hall closet. Don’t be afraid to utilize shells in your decorations as well. Each one is unique and they can serve to bring back good memories of times spent on the water.

Rustic coastal design is a fun décor to plan and implement into your new home. Plus, there are tons of rustic coastal design ideas available to help you get exactly the look and feel you want. It lends itself to an immense amount of customization, personal preference, and creativity. Each rustic coastal home ends up with its own unique and custom flair. The end result is an atmosphere of leisure and nostalgia all throughout the home, which is inherently calming and relaxing.

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