3 Home Decor Tips for Using Mirrors

December 11, 2018

Mirrors are a useful element in your home and can be used for far more than just getting ready in the morning. They can also be a great addition to your home decor. Mirrors reflect light, which can open up a space and help create an interesting look in a room. Here are some home decor tips for using mirrors:

1. Place Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors may seem like just another decoration, but their reflective nature makes them so much more than that. You want to make sure that you are placing mirrors strategically around your home and that they are reflecting something worth looking at.

Also, make sure they are reflecting a light source as this will help brighten a room. Placing a large mirror or a conglomeration of smaller mirrors in a small room can make the room seem bigger and add more depth. Mirrors can also be used to highlight an interesting piece of art or another decorative element in a room. They are also one of the Art Deco bedroom design ideas, so you can get creative and incorporate them into several different styles.

2. Make Mirrors a Focal Point

Mirrors are reflective and shiny, so they will naturally draw your eye, especially when there is a light source nearby. You can create an interesting look in a room by making a mirror the focal point. A large, upright mirror leaning against a wall or a full-length standing mirror can be a great addition to a room that is also useful.

Corners, dressing rooms, and behind furniture are popular placements for these types of mirrors. They can also be used as a dramatic statement piece in a room or placed above a mantel for an interesting touch. You can even install a large mirror above a fireplace in place of a mantel for an interesting and unique look. Adding a mirror is also one of the staircase landing ideas

3. Get Creative with Mirror Frames and Placement

Mirrors are versatile decor options because there are so many options. You can add multiple mirrors to a wall to create a gallery look and feel. Small pendant mirrors can be hung on the wall for an artistic touch. You can also hang mirrors with decorative frames and accents on the mirror surface to get the benefits of reflection with a creative touch. This is one of the popular bathroom mirror ideas

Something as simple as a brightly-colored frame or an ornate frame can make a mirror stand out as a decorative piece. For something really unique with an artistic flair, you can create a mirror mosaic with small mirror tiles. This can be a great way to incorporate tile accents in your home decor.

You can also get creative with the placement of mirrors. Mirrors on your closet doors can brighten and open up your bedroom while also providing a reflective surface you can use while getting ready. Although mirrors don’t have many functions in a kitchen, they can brighten up and add a unique touch to the room when placed on cabinet doors or used as a backsplash.

Mirrors can even be added to an outdoor living space for a unique look. It will reflect natural light during the day, provide a beautiful reflection during sunsets, and can also add an interesting touch at night when it reflects candlelight or accent lights.

There are a ton of different ways to use mirrors in your home. They are also one of the spring farmhouse decor ideas that also fits with a variety of different styles and seasons. With these home decor tips for using mirrors, you’re bound to come up with something that fits your style and needs. If you’ve been dreaming of owning a custom home and are ready to get started, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to bring your dream home to life!