11 Ways to Add Copper Decor to Your Home Design

April 20, 2023

Copper has become popular throughout the years for its beauty, unique feel, and elegant way of aging. Copper accents can create an ornate ambiance that will add color and light to your home. Depending on the type and style you use, copper decor fits in with a variety of design styles, from rustic, farmhouse, and country to luxe, art deco, and more. Here are a few ways to add copper decor to your home design:

1. Choose a Copper Bathtub

Copper bathtubs are beautiful and elegant tubs that can add luxe to your bathroom design as well as some warmth. Copper is known to retain heat a little better, which will help keep bath water warmer longer for a more relaxing soak and can help make a cold bathroom feel warmer.

On top of that, copper bathtubs tend to be simple to clean and easy to maintain. All you generally need is some mild soap, a soft flannel cloth, and some gloves to keep your copper bathtub gleaming.

2. Opt For a Copper Sink

Considering the style, material, height, etc. of a sink can all help you choose your perfect kitchen sink. Copper can add a natural and elegant touch to your kitchen design. Copper sinks can be both functional and beautiful. Depending on the rest of your kitchen design, they can become a statement piece and the focal point or they can add a subtle touch of glamour.

3. Go For Copper Countertops

Countertops are often a detail in kitchen and bathroom design, but they also make a big difference in the room and can be a big decision. As with any countertop material, there are pros and cons of copper countertops as well. If they are the right choice for you, copper countertops will bring light and color to your home while also creating beautiful textures.

4. Use Copper in a Kitchen Backsplash

If you love the look of copper, but have other plans for your kitchen sink and countertops, consider using copper in a kitchen backsplash. A full copper backsplash is a kitchen backsplash idea that can stand out and add a sense of luxury to your cooking area.

Copper is also a flexible material, so it can be used to create a mosaic or with other materials to create an interesting look. These are things to consider to choose a kitchen backsplash that works well in your kitchen design.

5. Consider a Copper Roof

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing the right roofing for your custom home. Although it’s not the most common roofing material and can be on the higher end when it comes to cost, roofs that are covered in copper are absolutely beautiful and age elegantly with time.

They are also customizable and flexible in how you might use them. Some home designs feature full copper roofs while others mix roofing materials and use copper as roofing on certain features to create a specific look.

6. Add Copper Fixtures

Fixtures are great interior details for playing with materials and finishes. Whether door and cabinet handles and pulls, lighting fixtures, or bathroom faucets and fixtures, there are many opportunities to include some copper decor in subtle ways. Depending on the design and decor of the rest of a room, copper fixtures can add luxe home decor, enhance a modern or industrial look, or add an interesting touch to other styles.

7. Include a Copper Bar Cart

Whether you have a home bar or just want to make serving drinks easier and more portable, a bar cart can be a great addition. Although brass or gold finishes tend to be more popular choices for bar carts, copper or copper finishes can be another option. You can also pair this with copper-colored or copper-accented drinkware. This is also a modern dining room idea to help you elevate the look of a dining area.

8. Pick Out Copper Flatware

If you want to add copper decor without going overboard or picking something permanent, pick out some copper flatware for your kitchen. In addition to dishware and drinkware, you can also add some copper pots and pans to your kitchen.

If you have a rack to hang and display pots and pans, this can create some shine and an interesting look and add another layer to your kitchen design. This is also one of the industrial kitchen ideas

9. Use Mirrors With Copper Frames

In addition to being classic decor and functional, mirrors also reflect light and can make a room feel lighter and more open. Getting creative with frames and placing them strategically are home decor tips for using mirrors that you can use to get the right look.

Mirrors with copper frames can elevate your wall decor and are bathroom mirror ideas that can enhance your overall bathroom design too. Depending on the style you want, there is a lot of flexibility available and you can choose ornate decorative copper frames that stand out or sleeker, simpler copper frames that are more subtle. There are even mirror frames covered in pennies for copper color variations and an interesting look.

10. Select Copper Wall Decor

Outside of mirrors, you can add copper decor to your home by selecting various copper wall decor items to hang or display on your walls. Decorative copper etching or tiles can help you create a gallery wall or just add something visually interesting to a blank wall.

If you have pictures or art prints you want to display, you can use copper frames for them, arrange them along copper wires, and more. You can even accent a wall with metallic copper wallpaper. This is one of the popular wallpaper trends.

You can also get creative with tile and incorporate some copper or copper color with it. Tile with a copper finish is a gothic home decor idea that fits with several styles that you can use to add copper decor to your home.  

11. Opt for a Copper Door

For a unique look and a statement piece in your exterior design, a copper door could be an option. Copper doors are not a common feature in residential homes so it can definitely add a unique focal point if that is what you’re going for.

Copper accents are often popular interior design trends and these are just a few ways to add copper decor to your home design. If you are ready to get started on your own custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090. We can help bring your dream home to life!