How to Add Privacy to Your Backyard

May 1, 2018

If you live anywhere that isn’t in the middle of nowhere with plenty of land all around you, it’s likely that you have neighbors nearby. You can probably see into their backyard and they into yours, especially if your lot is located in a development or neighborhood. If you’d like a little more privacy when you’re enjoying your backyard, there are some things you can do. This is how to add privacy to your backyard:

1. Privacy Fence

Adding some privacy with a fence or other type of backyard structure is one of the ideas for outdoor living spaces. One of the most common ways to add privacy to your backyard is to add a privacy fence. Depending on your area, there may be some local laws and regulations when it comes to building a fence on your property.

If you’re adding a fence during the home building process, your custom home builder can help you navigate these details and help you through the process of choosing a fence that meets your needs and beautifully matches your home.

You can still get a decorative look with a privacy fence, but you might not have as many options available. Although a short stone wall will provide a beautiful border to your yard, it won’t do much when it comes to adding privacy. An iron fence adds an elegant touch to your backyard, but does not offer much privacy on its own. 

You also need to consider the material of your fence. There are plenty of options available, including wood, corrugated metal, vinyl panels, stone, bamboo, concrete, brick, and more. You can even mix and match materials for a privacy fence with a modern and unique look. If you have a dog, some of the best fences for dog owners are made of these materials and can double as a privacy fence.

Consider maintenance, cost, and permanence as you evaluate your fence materials. For example, wood requires more maintenance than vinyl panels. Stone tends to be more expensive as it is a heavier material. It is also a more permanent privacy solution.

2. Living Fence

For a more natural border, you can plant a series of trees, bushes, or tall shrubbery to give your backyard a little more privacy. This is often referred to as a “living fence” and there are several plants for backyard privacy to choose from.

If you don’t want to spend the fall months raking up leaves, it may be a good idea to choose evergreen trees or bushes. You can also keep it all uniform by using one tall hedge to border your property. This is also one of the pool landscaping ideas to add some privacy and shade around your pool.

You will also need to consider property lines. Whatever you decide to plant needs to remain on your property. So, if you decide to plant trees to act as a natural border, you’ll need to account for growth and plant them far enough on your property that they will not extend into your neighbor’s property as they grow.

3. Screened-In Patio

For some added privacy to your backyard, without completely closing it off, a screened-in patio can be the perfect solution. A screened-in or enclosed patio allows you to enjoy time in your backyard with the added comfort of privacy.

You will be able to fully relax without having to worry about prying eyes or being interrupted by interactions with your neighbors. You may enjoy interacting with your neighbors, but everyone needs a break every now and then. A screened-in patio can help you create that perfect private sanctuary in your backyard.

As you’re planning out and positioning your custom home, take some time to consider your backyard. A fence is one of the backyard must-haves that can provide privacy or just a secure boundary for your property. If you need a border, but aren’t worried about privacy, there are a ton of fencing options available.

If you’d like to add privacy to your backyard, these are some of the several options available to give you what you need. Plus, they’re a great way to provide a boundary and some protection for other things to build in your backyard. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to get started on the path to your dream home!