7 Outdoor Shower Ideas to Consider For Your Custom Home

July 2, 2024

If you plan on spending a lot of time outside by the pool, an outdoor shower is a luxurious and practical addition. Outdoor showers can eliminate dirt from getting into your home or your pool. They’re also a great way to rinse off dogs or kids quickly without a full shower inside. Here are a few outdoor shower ideas to consider for your custom home:

1. Enclosed Wall Shower

If you want some privacy, ask for an enclosed outdoor shower. If you have a retaining wall, you can use this as part of the structure and build a half-wall shower. Adding a wooden door gives you the feel of a private oasis. A rainfall showerhead can make you feel like you’re showering in a rainstorm while plants can add to the landscape.

Upgrading the shower and adding a touch of nature are bathroom design trends that you can use to design a functional and relaxing outdoor shower. Don’t forget to add a few hooks to your design. These are great for hanging towels during your shower and for drying later.

2. Indoor-Outdoor Shower

If you like the idea of an outdoor shower, but desire more privacy, try an indoor wet room bathroom with half doors that open up to the outdoors. This allows you to enjoy the landscape while still retaining some privacy in an indoor shower. This outdoor shower idea probably will work best in warmer climates, but you can just close it up during cold months if you still want to implement this idea.

3. Mediterranean-Inspired Shower

For a dreamy outdoor shower, take some inspiration from the Mediterranean design style. Try using materials like terra-cotta and turquoise. These colors are popular pool tile ideas and work in a Mediterranean-inspired outdoor shower.

Try an airy design that includes a few rooms complete with Mediterranean-inspired tiles and brass or gold shower fixtures. For a wow factor, add a luxurious outdoor soaking tub. If you have a pool house or even a guest house, this layout is ideal. The ample bathing area offers enough space for a few people to use at the same time.

4. Outdoor Bathroom

Don’t worry, this is no primitive outhouse. Design a rustic but modern shower and bathroom that eliminates the need for family or guests to enter your home while dripping wet. Slats over a concrete base with a drain allow the floor to dry properly, avoiding mildew and mold buildup.

Adding a lot of native plants to your outdoor bathroom is a great way to incorporate some biophilic design into your home. However, be sure you’re choosing these plants intentionally rather than just haphazardly adding a lot of plants. Part of biophilic design is creating harmony between indoor and outdoor design. Since this outdoor bathroom is already outside, you just need to tie it all together

5. Minimalist Shower

An outdoor shower doesn’t need to be over the top with lots of extra features. Sometimes you just want an outdoor shower for functionality. To keep things minimal, pick a single showerhead in a design you love.

A showerhead in a brushed chrome or matte black finish will look sleek but still convey functionality and minimalism. Minimalism continues to be a popular design style and is found in a lot of summer decor trends.

6. Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Shower

If you want to give your shower area a rustic feel, try using reclaimed wood. Pick hardware in a matte or brushed metal finish to fit in with the reclaimed wood, making things flow together seamlessly. Using natural wood is a popular home design trend and allows your outdoor shower to blend into its environment.

7. Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Shower

If you have a home in the modern farmhouse design style, try matching your outdoor shower to your home. Black, white, and natural wood are popular modern farmhouse exterior design ideas so make sure the shower blends it into the siding of the home. Pick plumbing hardware that has an industrial look that is so popular with modern farmhouses. Add plenty of plants for a cozy and natural feel.

These are just a few outdoor shower ideas to consider for your home. One of the biggest benefits of designing your own custom home is that you get to make your home fit your exact needs and desires. If you’re ready to get started on your dream custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!