6 Art Deco Bedroom Design Ideas

April 13, 2021

Art Deco is all about a sense of luxury, grandeur, and opulence. It can be a great style for a bedroom, either as the main design theme or as subtle decor touches. Here are a few Art Deco bedroom design ideas to inspire you:

1. Opt for a Dramatic Headboard

An easy and simple way to include a touch of Art Deco in your bedroom is to opt for a dramatic headboard. Something with clean lines, curves, and rounded shapes is a good start. From there, you can add a little bit of luxury and indulgence by choosing opulent materials for the headboard itself or as a cover on it.

2. Include Geometric Patterns

Incorporating geometric patterns into your design and decor is one of the art deco interior design ideas that can work in any room. In a bedroom, you can go for something that makes a statement, like an accent wall that features geometric patterns.

Another option is a statement ceiling. Wallpaper or painted patterns can make a ceiling stand out and is something a little less permanent that you can change relatively easily if you want to switch styles in the future. Using it on the ceiling or highlighting the ceiling with wallpaper are both wallpaper trends

You can also incorporate a statement ceiling into the design of the room itself. Tray ceilings can have multiple layers and you can create shapes with them, which will allow you to include a geometric pattern. For a touch of decadence and another architectural element, you can add crown molding too. This is one of the classic tips for decorating tray ceilings.

Plus, there are many crown molding ideas that work well with tray ceilings and on their own to help you get the look you want. If you’re looking for Art Deco bedroom design ideas that are more subtle and easy to change, you can focus on including patterns on fabric in your decor. A comforter covered in geometric patterns or throw pillows that feature them are easy ways to add a touch of Art Deco without committing to something structural.

3. Try a Maximalist Approach

A maximalist approach is all about adding “more”. But, it does not mean cluttered. Although it’s considered the opposite of minimalism, maximalism is also about making sure whatever you add to the room serves a purpose – it just allows for more stuff and focuses on making the most of the space you have.

Because mixing and matching and “clashing stylishly” is on-trend for a maximalist approach, it also can overlap with luxe home decor, hygge, and even Art Deco. You can combine modern and vintage, and then add a touch of luxe for decadence to help you get an Art Deco look.

Featuring more artwork on the walls, loading up on color, displaying books or collections, and more are maximalist interior design ideas. Depending on how you incorporate them, they can also become Art Deco bedroom design ideas and help you create an interesting look and feel.

You just want to make sure you aren’t adding too many accessories with this approach as that can make the room feel cluttered and messy. That’s one of the reasons why adding too much one of the common bedroom design mistakes to avoid.

4. Mix Your Metals and Pair With Lush Textiles

The opulent materials of Art Deco include fabrics as well as metals and metallics. An interesting way to get this look in a bedroom is to mix metals with furniture and decor and pair them with lush textiles. This is an idea that can translate well to an Art Deco kitchen design

A plush pair of velvet chairs and a round glass coffee table with a metal frame can be a great way to get this look. You can also opt for a metal bed frame with a finish that stands out a little bit and then cover your bed with lush textiles. This is also a great way to use gold accents in your home.

5. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are useful. In addition to reflecting you if you’re using them, they also reflect light. This can help make a room seem more open. They can also highlight decor. And, because they come in so many shapes, sizes, frame materials, colors, etc., they can also be part of the decor themselves.

One of the home decor tips for using mirrors is to get creative with mirror frames and placement. This works well when you are trying to incorporate Art Deco bedroom design ideas because you can feature interesting shapes and play with the types of metals on mirror frames. You can even use small mirrors as part of a mosaic to create an interesting focal point that also features a geometric pattern.

6. Create Symmetry

Art Deco may be known for curves, rounded shapes, luxury, and decadence, but it also features clean lines. A subtle way to incorporate a touch of Art Deco while also creating clean lines and a functional layout is to create symmetry.

Matching side tables on each side of the bed, a matching pair of chairs in a sitting area, balancing furniture in the layout, and more can all help you create symmetry in your bedroom design and decor.

These are just a few Art Deco bedroom design ideas to inspire you as you think about the bedroom design in your custom home. Bedrooms are just one type of room and there are a lot of details to consider in a home design. It can be overwhelming to try and handle alone.

Instead, partner with an experienced custom home builder who has an in-house design/build process. They’ll walk you through the options and handle the details to keep your custom home journey as stress-free as possible.

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