6 Art Deco Kitchen Design Ideas

April 4, 2024

If you love over-the-top glitz and glamour, an Art Deco kitchen might be perfect for your custom home. If you love certain aspects of this design, you can design an Art Deco kitchen that’s a little more understated. Here are a few Art Deco kitchen design ideas to try in your custom home:

1. Incorporate Plenty of Glam Details

Art Deco interior design ideas often include leaning into glam details. If you want a true Art Deco kitchen, make sure these glam details shine. Try leather or faux leather seats if you have an island or kitchen table in your kitchen.

Incorporate gold finishes in hardware such as light fixtures, faucets, and drawer and cabinet pulls. This is also an easy way to use gold accents in your home. You can also choose appliances in a high-shine finish to give your kitchen more glam.

kitchen with island and dining bar2. Utilize Dark Wood

Choosing wood in darker tones will keep your space more in line with the aesthetic of the Art Deco period. This is especially helpful in a brand new kitchen since you can’t rely on any original details like you would in a renovation.

You don’t need to use these darker wood tones throughout your entire kitchen. Pick one part of the kitchen you’d like to highlight, like the kitchen island. Using a darker wood tone can create a statement that leans into the Art Deco aesthetic. Plus, it’s a great way to incorporate natural wood into your custom home.

kitchen3. Try Geometric Patterns

Another quintessential aspect of the Art Deco design is geometric patterns. This is a popular home decor trend and something that is easy to incorporate if you want an understated look or an eye-catching element. For an understated nod to Art Deco, you can choose hardware that reflects a geometric pattern. Think of half circles for drawer and cabinet pulls, for example.

If you want a bigger, bolder statement, you can achieve this with a backsplash or flooring. Herringbone, sunburst, checkerboard, and chevron patterns are popular in Art Deco design. You can keep things muted with a neutral color palette or utilize color for an even bigger statement.

4. Decorate with Light Fixtures

Art Deco lighting relies on bold geometric shapes in eye-catching materials like brass, chrome, and gold. Because of their designs and luxurious finishes, these lighting fixtures can also work as decor in your kitchen. This combines functionality and style, a popular lighting trend.

open concept dining room and kitchen5. Choose a Unique Color Palette

Art Deco typically relies on dark and moody color palettes. However, if you want a lighter spin on the trend, choose colors not typically associated with Art Deco, like pastels. This palette of warm and light colors is a popular interior design trend that can add some whimsy and airiness to an otherwise moody design style.

You can also have a neutral kitchen, paired with the right patterns, fixtures, and finishes, that still have a very Art Deco feel. A neutral kitchen is a kitchen trend that will never go out of style and it allows for flexibility in decor.

gold kitchen faucet6. Choose One or Two Art Deco Elements

You can still have an Art Deco-inspired kitchen without meeting every single element to reflect that design. Even though the over-the-top and dramatic style is a popular Art Deco bedroom design idea, it doesn’t mean your kitchen needs to feel that way.

Pick one or two elements that you like from the Art Deco aesthetic. Maybe you like the big and bold light fixtures in a shiny gold finish. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of a fun geometric patterned floor, which is a popular flooring trend. Incorporating just a few of these elements still gives your kitchen the Art Deco flare without overwhelming your home.

These are just a few Art Deco kitchen design ideas to try in your custom home design. An Art Deco-inspired kitchen can give your custom home a fun and unique kitchen design. If any of these ideas inspire you and you’re ready to start designing your custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!