6 Windowless Bathroom Ideas to Consider For Your Custom Home Design

February 1, 2024

While windowless bathrooms are not ideal, sometimes they are a reality. Sometimes, there just isn’t space along an outside wall that offers window access, or perhaps a basement bathroom is necessary. The good news is that these bathrooms don’t have to be dark and feel claustrophobic. If you find yourself having to go windowless in one of your bathrooms, here are some windowless bathroom ideas to consider for your custom home:

1. Install Ample Lighting

In order to keep a windowless bathroom from feeling too dark, make sure you have plenty of lighting. It’s also a good idea to layer that lighting, which is a popular home lighting trend. Don’t just rely on one big light fixture.

Try a nice, big statement light to light the entire room. Then, add some task lighting, like sconces or vanity lighting. These types of lights are helpful for lighting sinks and mirrors. If your windowless bathroom includes a bathtub or shower, be sure these areas have lighting as well. Integrated lighting, recessed lighting, and more are some bathroom design trends that can help you get the light you need in hard-to-reach places.

view of master bathroom from master bedroom2. Make the Most of Mirrors

Mirrors are great at reflecting light so they can actually make your space seem bigger and brighter. If possible, try to work more than just one mirror into your windowless bathroom design. Between mirror shapes, quantity, and placement, there are plenty of bathroom mirror ideas to help you brighten up the space.

A helpful home decor tip for using mirrors is to strategically place your lighting and mirrors. Place a mirror opposite a light, which will help the mirror reflect a nice amount of light, brightening your space.

3. Pick Glossy Finishes

Just like mirrors, a glossy finish will reflect light, creating a brighter space. Matte finishes create a soft look in most bathrooms, but in a windowless bathroom, glossy finishes are a better option. Glossy finishes will bounce light around the room, which is essential in a room without any natural light.

You can achieve glossy finishes in a variety of ways. Opt for fixtures that come in gold, silver, or chrome. If you’ve been wondering how to use gold accents in your home, choosing gold fixtures is a good place to start. You can also use high-gloss paint for cabinets and walls. If you have a shower, opt for a glass door. If you plan on installing tiles, choose tiles with a reflective finish.

double vanity in bathroom4. Choose Light, Neutral Colors

Dark colors tend to make windowless rooms much darker. Choosing a neutral in a light shade is one of the windowless bathroom ideas that can help alleviate some of that darkness by reflecting light. This is a bathroom ceiling idea that can help brighten up a space and help make it feel more open.

If you think this option sounds boring or are wondering how to decorate with neutrals, it’s important to know you are not limited to white or off-white. If you want to make a bold statement, choose a wallpaper with a fun print. However, make sure that the print is set against a light background to keep things from getting too dark.

bathroom with trim and hardwood floor5. Lean Into the Moodiness

If you want a bathroom that really makes a splash, embrace the moodiness. Darker jewel tones offset with glossy finishes can create a statement that feels classy and luxurious. Just make sure you have ample lighting for your glossy finishes to reflect. This will help the space from feeling drab and too dark.

6. Ensure You Have Ventilation

Not having some type of window is a bathroom design mistake to avoid because windows offer natural light and, more importantly, assist in ventilation. In some cases, like some basement bathrooms or another situation, it may be necessary for one of the smaller bathrooms in your home design to not have windows.

Proper ventilation is important for any bathroom, and only becomes more essential in the rare cases where you have to opt for a windowless bathroom design. With the right fans, vents, exhaust, and more, you can make sure your windowless bathroom has the ventilation it needs.

These are just a few windowless bathroom ideas to consider for your custom home design. Just because you may need a windowless bathroom to be part of your design to make it work doesn’t mean it has to be drab and boring. If you are ready to start designing your dream home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!